Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Hi Terri Reed here, getting a late start on this cloudy day. I was going through some old photos and found these gems. I thought they'd be fun to post here.  Do you recognize the Craftie Ladies of Romance?
San Diego 2016 Harlequin Party 

2016 Harlequin Party 

2016 Harlequin Party 

2015 Harlequin Party 

2014 San Antonio RWA conference

2012 RWA RITA night

2012 Harlequin Party

2011 Harlequin Party
2010 RWA RITA night

2007 (I think) RWA conference

 It's so fun to look back through the seasons of life and remember those days with fondness. In my October Love Inspired Suspense, Identity Unknown, the hero has lost his memory. With the help of a beautiful sheriff's deputy, he puts back together the pieces of his life and discovers betrayal and love at Christmas time.

I have another October release from Howard Books, A Family Under the Christmas Tree. A lighter inspirational romance. 

Reed captures the magic of the Christmas season as an artist and a techie must decide whether to open up their fragile hearts and take a chance at love.Christmas trees form the perfect backdrop for this sweet inspirational story filled with love and the promise for a brighter future.  Publishers Weekly Review

Look at these beautiful bookmarks for A Family Under the Christmas Tree. If you'd like one, drop me an email at with an address and I'll pop one into the mail. 


  1. What fun photos - and they bring back some great memories! And oh my, I LOVE both of those book covers!

  2. Great photos and the best memories!!

  3. How fun to see the old photos and some familiar faces!

  4. Love the photos, Terri, and the amnesia concept in your new book.

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