Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Family for the Holidays by Sherri Shackelford

I'm really excited about my October release, A Family for the Holidays. I had a fabulous time writing this book, and the early reviews are encouraging.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from Maggie Boyd of All About Romance:

"Growing up I can remember summers spent watching F-Troop, Here Come the Brides and Maverick. These bastions of comedic capers weren’t exactly accurate portrayals of life in the American West but they were fun representations of the Western legends; tales of handsome, brave sheriffs; pretty, plucky maidens and sweet kids. If you miss shows like that and movies like Disney’s Apple Dumpling Gang you’re in for a real treat with Ms. Shackelford’s A Family for the Holidays; it perfectly captures the spirit of Old West cinema."

As a child, I too looked forward to The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights, and I've tried to capture the wholesome fun of those nostalgic movies! 

Here's the inspiration for the cover:

Pretty good, huh? I really like how they took my inspiration photo and created the cover!

Do you have a favorite family movie from your childhood? I have two paperback copies available to folks who comment!

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  1. Sherrie, Your cover is lovely and reminds me of something from Little House On The Prairie. As a child, I too, loved The Wonderful World of Disney and looked forward to it all week. Congrats on your new release.

  2. My family enjoyed watching the Wizard of Oz. I loved all those catchy songs.

  3. I was just drooling over your book/cover on another blog! lol We enjoyed Little House on the Prairie. Your "inspiration" picture reminds of the old shed that was on property my parents bought.....they tore down the existing log cabin and built a brick home.
    Congrats on your new book; anxious to read it!

  4. This sounds so cute and heartwarming!!

  5. Book sounds very sweet. Love the cover. I used anxiously await the Sunday night Disney movies too.

  6. Thank you, Jackie! I hope your parents save a little piece of the ol' shed! Hope you're having an amazing day :)

  7. Thank you to all my fellow Craftie Ladies for stopping by :) Love this group!!

  8. The book sounds great! I grew up on The Wonderful World of Disney on Friday nights, too. Such good memories! Congrats on your release!


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