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What Are We Writing? By Margaret Daley

What Are We Writing?By Margaret Daley

Author:  Patricia Johns

Title: Marrying the Runaway Bride
Hero and Heroine: Chance and Sadie
Line:  Love Inspired
One paragraph from the page you are currently on: 
Nana’s dollhouse was located in “the study,” which was a room too small for a bed, and since it had a window, it was also not suitable for closet space. Nana had turned this room into her crafting space, and was therefore where the dollhouse sat on display. This dollhouse had been a formative part of Sadie’s childhood. She’d spent hours just staring into the tiny rooms, soaking in every perfect detail. Nana’s dollhouse was four stories of sky blue, Victorian elegance on the outside, but inside, the rooms were carefully decorated in a 1950s style. The house opened on hinges, so that even more rooms were available once the two back wings had swung out on either side. The center of the house had a staircase that led up to the very top floor—a tiny attic room with a cot and a rickety little dresser.
Due date:  Feb 1
Word count goal today: 2000 words
Something cool learned recently from research:  I'm researching dollhouses for this book, and I'm loving all the tiny details that are possible in a dollhouse! I think I've found my new hobby.  

Author: Jolene Navarro

Title: Lone Star Bride
Hero and HeroineSofia De Zalavla & Jackson McCreed
Line: Love Inspired Historical (my first historical!)
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  
The glossy black coat laid over powerful muscles flexing with each step. Long solid legs covered the ground in fluid motion. The stallion tossed his head, sending his mane flying over his arched neck.
Sofia was in love. "He's gorgeous."
Maria, Rose's granddaughter, leaned in closer to her. "They say he's from Kentucky." The younger women sighed. "I've never seen anything like him."
Kentucky? I thought he came over from Ireland." Not once had Maria shown an interest in horses. Frowning, she turned to get a better look at the man working the horse.
Oh, my.
Due date:  November 7, 2016 release date July 1 2017
Word count goal today: As many as I can get after work tonight! At least 1,500 Something cool learned recently from research:  In researching 1838 cattle drives between San Antonio and New Orleans I discovered that a few retired pirates got into the cattle business. One opened a cattle station and controlled the river crossing between Texas and Louisiana. I got very excited at the thought of being able to have cowboys and pirates on the pages together. 

Author:  Jean C. Gordon

Title: I'm just calling it Marc's Story for now
Hero and Heroine: Marc Delacroix and Fiona Bryce
Line:  Love Inspired Romance
One paragraph from the page you are currently on: 
Fiona folded the letter back into the envelope. The only question she had was why, Maire? And she wasn’t sure she was up to the answer.
Due date:  Proposal due: October 31.
Word count goal today: 1,200 to 1,500
Something cool learned recently from research: I don't know if it's exactly "cool," but 20% of people diagnosed with Crohn's disease are under age 20.

Author: Louise M. Gouge

Title: Working title: Cowboy Lawman
Hero and Heroine: Justice Gareau and Evangeline Benoit
Line: Love Inspired Historical
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:
As he strode up Main Street, a glance over his shoulder revealed that she continued to watch him through one of the front windows. After her heartbreaking betrayal, why did that please him? And what could he do to get over it?  
Due date: January 2017
Word count goal today: 1000
Something cool learned recently from research:  Toy trains have been made from the early to mid 1800s. The first ones were pulled by a string. Next came windup and clockwork models. Electric model trains came after 1900.

Author: Terri Reed

Title: Christmas Novella 2017, part of the Classified K-9 Unit continuity
Hero and Heroine: FBI K-9 agent Tim Ramsey and baker Vickie Petrov
Line: Love Inspired Suspense
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:
She’d trained for this. Determined to never again let anyone hurt her, she’d taken self-defense classes at the local community center. She bent her elbows, cupped her left hand over her right fist and used her right elbow as battering ram into her attacker’s ribcage as she twisted toward her assailant.  If she could face him, then she would have the use of her knees, feet and hands to strike out with, to disable him.
Due date: Feb 2017
Word count goal today: 1000
Something cool learned recently from research: Many serial arsonist call in their crime because they are trying to gain attention.

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  1. Some great stories underway! So excited to see you venturing into LIH, Jolene.


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