Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Patricia Johns: Here Comes the Bride

When I got married eleven years ago, my mom forgot the music for the wedding march. Now, it was a teeny tiny wedding, and I had done very little of the actual planning, but I still remember the look on my mother's face when she gasped, "There's no music!"

The guests quickly came to a solution: everyone hummed the wedding march for me, and Mr. Johns and I said our vows.

Looking back on that day, the forgotten music is my favorite memory. Everything else went off without a hitch. Flowers, pictures, cake cutting... But the mistake became the sweetest memory because of the loving people who hummed for me.

Life never ends up the way we imagine it. We might vow "in sickness and in health," but our mental image doesn't really include sickness. Or poverty. Or worse. We imagine that life will go smoothly, our finances will grow and we'll grow old together. Positive thinking, right?

I've only been married for eleven years, so I don't have the wisdom of some other women who have been at this for much longer, but I have learned something... The hard times are a challenge, but when we look back on how we got through, they can be the sweetest memories.

Like when Mr. Johns and I drove across the country to relocate to a brand new city with nothing but what would fit into our Honda. Or when our son was born two months premature and we sat together in that hospital loving him as hard we could to get him through. Or when we worked our tails off to pay off debt--together! Always together.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. In my husband's home country in Africa, they have a saying for women who are in love: "I'd live with him in a tree." That's how I feel about Mr. Johns. Of course we want the good times, the financial security, but I'd live with that man in a tree if I had to. So long as we're together.

I didn't care if there wasn't any music. I was going down that aisle to marry him.

 I'm a Christian author who writes sweet romance. You can trust my books to bring you wholesome, heartwarming romance, whether it's a Love Inspired romance, Heartwarming, or Western.

Hope, Montana, is no longer home to Andy Granger, who sold his piece of the family ranch to developers. He's only back to run a cattle drive in his brother's stead. But the community can't forgive him for selling out. And Dakota Mason, the beautiful cowgirl he hired, has every reason to hate him…

Ranching is in Dakota's blood. And now the developers have cut off water her neighboring ranch desperately needs. She's only on the ride for a paycheck—not to turn her back on her community. And definitely not to fall for some overly protective urban cowboy. But Andy may surprise everyone…including himself.

Hitting shelves November, 2016


  1. Love your story, Patricia. What an inspiration and you're right. After some of the most difficult times that my husband and I have gone through, we look back now and smile because it made US stronger and wiser because of it.

  2. Thanks, Mary! Not that I'd want to have more difficult times, but as long as we're together, we'll be okay.

  3. What a beautiful story. And this cover is lovely!!

  4. I love your cover! What a sweet story!

  5. I loved your story. It's always the unexpected that we remember.

  6. Aww, that is so sweet!! What a great memory!!

  7. Oh, you made me cry, but then I'm also watching Love Comes Softly while I play online :)

  8. Thank you, everyone! <3

  9. What a sweet wedding story! I can just hear that humming. :)


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