Monday, October 3, 2016

Love Inspired Romance ~ New Lone Star Cowboy League: Boys Ranch Continity Series

Craftie Ladies Jessica Keller, Margaret Daley, Debra Kastner, and Allie Pleiter have a treat for you: Lone Star Cowboy League: Boys Ranch, a new Love Inspired Romance six-book continuity series. Jessica Keller, the author of the second book in the series is here to tell us about it.

The Long Star Cowboy League: Boys Ranch series centers around The Lone Star Cowboy League (LSCL), which is a service organization made up of cowboys and cattle ranchers. The organization spearheads efforts to help area ranchers, educate the community, preserve their history, and participate in ceremonial events. The Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch is residential working ranch for troubled boys ages 6-17 in Haven, Texas. During the first book, The Rancher's Texas Match by Brenda Minton, we learn that the Boys Ranch has been left land and money in a will but there are conditions - the ranch has to throw a 70-year reunion, and all the original residents (4 boys) from 1947 must be present for the Boys Ranch to get the land and money. Each book follows someone who is involved in the ranch and each one moves the whole group one step forward toward locating all the original residents, but it's not without it's hiccups. There is a challenger to the will who will stop at nothing to take the land and money away from the Boys Ranch and a string of crime around the Boys Ranch has the town of Haven questioning if they should stay open.
The Ranger's Texas Proposal
Book 2 November
Jessica Keller

Texas Ranger Heath Grayson agrees to investigate thefts at the boys ranch, he's also hoping to solve a decades-old murder case: his father's. Getting involved with pretty, pregnant widow and boys ranch volunteer Josie Markham is not on Heath's agenda. But the more time he spends with Josie, the harder it is to ignore their growing attraction. The somber ranger is convinced a wife and child are not in his future. But with a little help from the boys at the ranch, he may just realize a family is what he needs most of all.
The Cowboy's Texas Family 
Book 4 January 2017
by Margaret Daley

Rancher Nick McGarrett wants to help orphaned ten-year-old Corey Phillips, the brother of his late comrade. But he's not fit to be a father—not with his troubled past. Thankfully, the child finds a home at the Lone Star Cowboy League Boys Ranch, where Nick volunteers. When wealthy newcomer Darcy Hill discovers she's Corey's cousin, she hopes to eventually take him in. Nick and Darcy couldn't be more opposite—or more drawn to each other. But for Darcy, raising Corey in her hometown means leaving Texas…and Nick. It'll take a special little boy to show these two grown-ups that the key to forging a new future is being together.
The Doctor's Texas Baby 
Book 5  February 2017
Debra Kastner

Carolina Mason shows up in Haven, Texas, after a three-year absence, no one is more surprised than town veterinarian Wyatt Harrow. Especially when he sees Carolina's two-year-old son, Matty. Their son. How could she have kept his child a secret? Carolina doesn't deny the boy is his. She thought she was doing what was best for everyone when she left, but she realizes she was wrong. Though Wyatt is eager to make up for lost time with Matty, Carolina's not so sure that extends to her. Can these former sweethearts navigate their complicated past to make a family for their son?
The Rancher's Texas Twins  
Book 6  March 2017 by Allie Pleiter

Rancher Gabe Everett will do whatever it takes to keep Avery Culpepper in Texas until the end of the month. Even if it means inviting the beautiful single mom and her mischievous twin girls to stay on his property. Avery holds the key to saving Haven's boys ranch, but Gabe won't let his interest go beyond business. He's not a family man, and Avery needs someone who will be there for her and her daughters. Yet as the girls overrun his orderly ranch with their tea parties and girlie cuteness, Gabe finds himself softening just a little. Could a family to love be exactly what this solitary rancher needs?  

Jessica, Margaret, Debra, and Allie are joined in the series by:

Book 1 October The Rancher's Texas Match Brenda Minton
Book 3 December The Nanny's Texas Christmas Lee Tobin McClain


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  2. I love Lone Star Cowboy League books! Looking forward to reading more of them!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful series!!


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