Friday, October 7, 2016

First Friday Fun and a giveaway--Lenora Worth

It's October! How did that happen? I must find some mums and pumpkins and throw them on my front porch! Meantime, I have two new releases coming out this month so I'm in a good mood and I'm willing to give away a copy of each to one of our lovely posting people.

Post here and answer this question. I'll pick a winner and announce at here at the end of the day! Here's the question:

What is the one thing you must have in a good book? What makes you grab a book and immediately start reading it? Okay, that's two questions since I'm giving away two book to one person!

Let the discussion begin! Here are my two new releases (available for pre-order, too):


  1. I need likeable characters and a great premise! :)

  2. I like happyily ever after endings. I dive into a book because of the author, or perhaps it is second in a series, or love the cover!!

    1. Thanks, Jackie!! All good reasons to love a book!

  3. Likeable characters are definitely a must. I have to care about them.

  4. I need great dialogue n romance to read. To buy it be intrigued by description, be a favourite author and be hooked by the excerpt

  5. I love stories that grab my attention and have well developed characters. I want to feel the emotions of the characters .

  6. It needs to move fairly fast and have believable characters. I'm not really into humorous books either. I want drama! jarning67(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. Deana Dick, you are the winner of the two books. You can e-mail me through my website contact page at with your information!!


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