Monday, October 24, 2016

Craftie Ladies Suspense ~ October 2016 Releases

Below are new releases from our talented Love Inspired Suspense writers. To buy these wonderful books, just click the book cover. And to learn more about the authors, click on their names. Risk Reunion
by Margaret Daley

When district attorney Tory Carson returns home after a long day in court prosecuting a gang leader, she finds her house trashed. Concerned that the vandalism is connected to the trial, the local police chief calls the Texas Rangers…and her former love Cade Morgan responds. Tory's history with Cade—and the secret they share—makes her reluctant to let him back into her life. But Tory doesn't want to choose between bringing down a gang leader and protecting her teenage daughter. With the threat escalating the longer she tries the case, the safest place for Tory and her daughter is at Cade's ranch. But can Cade protect them long enough for Tory to bring the criminal to justice?
Lakeside Peril
by Lenora Worth 

Chloe Conrad suspects foul paly in the plane crash that killed her sister--and she's determined to hire private investigator Hunter Lawson to prove it. But convincing the former Special Forces operative to help isn't easy, especially since he blames her family for his sister's death. Hunter sees something familiar in Chloe's hunt for justice--and he can't leave her unprotected when he realizes the killer's switched focus to her. As they search for clues, he's beginning to wonder if his enemy's daughter could be the person who helps him heal from his painful past. But neither of them will have a future unless they find a way to unravel the twisted conspiracy that threatens both their lives


  1. Scrap,
    You made me go back and read the original post because I read Lakeside Peril a while ago. Is one of these books connected? Ack, I've got to go look at the books I've read. LOL

    1. Pam, this time is the fourth book in my Men are of Millbrook Lake series. Thanks for reading.

  2. Both stories look great! Love suspense!!!

    1. Debby, I just read your Plain Truth. Good story.


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