Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Reunion, Chapter Three, by Margaret Daley

Hello, readers. We're happy to share our gift to you, a short Christmas story that will run from today through December 21st. Please join us and comment each day to win what we call a Book Blast. We will pick two names and if you win, you'll get books mailed to you from our authors. Several books!!! So come back often and enjoy our gift to you!

And now....

Christmas Reunion
Margaret Daley
Chapter Three

Her hazel eyes narrowed, Grace set her hands on her waist. “My secret?! I don’t have any, especially with Grandpa Jeb. He was more a father to me than my own was. I wanted him to go to Denver and live with me. He was the one who insisted staying here.”

Would she ever admit she’s afraid to commit to a man? Jericho shook his head and lifted Jeb’s suitcase and his own duffel bag from the rear of the van, then marched toward the cabin, leaving Grace fuming.

He wasn’t sure what she said under her breath, but he’d certainly remembered every word she told him when he informed her he’d joined the U.S. Marines. They had danced around each other for years, and then when he’d finally given up and signed up for the military, they had a magical, wonderful Christmas together. Then real life invaded, and he had to report for boot camp at the first of the new year.

She told him long distance relationships would never work for them. She wouldn’t even give it a try.

At the front door, he set the luggage down inside, then stood in the doorway and waited for her. She stalked past him into the house, her chin raised a notch, her gaze trained forward. Until she tripped over a suitcase and fell over it.

Jericho quickly reached for her, but thrown off balance himself, he couldn’t stop her fall. Instead he went down with her, barely missing landing on her. With her face flushed, she lifted her head and looked at him only inches away, one of his legs thrown over hers. Her scent of jasmine floated to him, and suddenly a memory of them kissing under the mistletoe flooded his mind.

If he just leaned forward, he could brush his lips over hers—maybe even erase the anger shooting out of her eyes like a barrage of darts thrown at a target—him.

“So when are you two gonna kiss and make up?” Grandpa Jeb asked followed by a chuckle.


  1. Love it! I told you Grandpa Jeb was great!

  2. Love this, Margaret!! Always fun to see them falling into each other's arms!
    Grandpa is a hoot!!

  3. I wonder how Grandpa managed to put the suitcase right in the way. hehehehehe

  4. SO we are left wondering what her secret is??? :) The tension builds. Why has she stayed away and alone. Nice job! Can't wait until tomorrow!

  5. Good old uncle!! Telling it like he sees it :-) The tension keeps building.


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