Monday, December 5, 2016

Craftie Ladies Contemporary and Historical Authors ~ December Releases

Jean C. Gordon here with what's new from our talented Craftie Ladies Love Inspired Contemporary and Historical writers. To buy any of these wonderful books, just click the book cover. And to learn more about the authors, click on their names.

Link to purchase site Yuletide Redemption

by Jill Kemerer
After an accident leaves Celeste Monroe to raise her baby nephew, all she wants is to provide one-year-old Parker with a happy life. She hopes taking a job caring for injured Sam Sheffield will help fulfill that goal. But Sam's determination to avoid the world throws a wrench in her plans. Despite his best efforts, Sam can't take his eyes off the pretty caretaker. Her strength and her loving nature has him falling for her—and her baby. But he refuses to burden them with a man who's not whole. Can Celeste convince Sam he's daddy—and husband—material in time for them to celebrate Christmas together? Daddy

by Deb Kastner
After Vivian Grainger buys him at the town's charity bachelor auction, Nick McKenna feels obligated to provide his carpentry skills. He'll help the bubbly blonde construct her dream spa and beauty shop in time for Christmas—but the burly cowboy won't be sticking around. When he realizes Vivian is pregnant, though, everything changes. Seeing the joy she brings to everyone around her despite the difficulties she's overcome, it's clear to Nick that Vivian—and her child—are what's missing from his life. As they build her dream shop together, Nick will do his best to build a path to Vivian's heart. An Aspen Creek Christmas 

by Roxanne Rustand
All Hannah Dorchester wants is to give her orphaned niece and nephew a happy Christmas. She's ready for anything—except their uncle Ethan Williams. Thirteen years ago she was planning their wedding and he was planning his escape—joining the military without even a goodbye. Ethan never meant to break Hannah's heart, but now the recovering soldier's back and he wants his late brother's kids. He's got one month to prove he'll be the better parent. But as they start sharing in the joys of the season, he's determined to show Hannah he's also become a better man. Could this be their final chance at family—and their second chance for love? Pony Express Christmas Bride 

by Rhonda Gibson
Mail-order bride Josephine Dooley's trip West was supposed to end in marriage to her intended groom—not with the discovery that he hadn't actually placed the bridal ad! Now her only choice is to convince Pony Express rider Thomas Young to wed her anyway to save her from her scheming uncle.
A bride shouldn't be a surprise package, and when Thomas finds out about his meddling brother's ruse, he plans to send his would-be wife packing. However, when he realizes Josephine desperately needs his help and a marriage of convenience is the only way he can protect her, he vows to become the husband she needs. But he quickly learns that it will be hard to keep his new bride at arm's length…because Josephine is his perfect match. Under the Mistletoe 

by Louise M Gouge
Deputy Grace Eberly can outshoot and outride most men in Esperanza, Colorado…but lassoing a husband is an impossible task. At least she has her friend Reverend Micah Thomas to keep her company. When outlaws threaten their community, the two join forces to stop them, and Grace’s feelings for the reverend deepen. But she’s sure he’d never love a too-tall cowgirl in trousers and boots.
Micah believes that it's time to find himself a wife—someone sweet and ladylike who can help him better serve the town. So why do none of the elegant young women of his acquaintance stir his heart like the feisty tomboy deputy? As they work to bring peace to the community, will Grace and Micah finally see that they make the perfect team?

Stay Tuned for Our Christmas Serial

Taking the opportunity to wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas season and invite you to read the Craftie Ladies' Christmas Reunion serial, a complete story right here on the Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired Romance blog. Lenora Worth will kick it off next Monday, December 12, and Terri Reed will wrap up the story on December 21. I'll be writing the December 19 segment.


  1. Oh oh oh oh It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, at least according to LI books.

  2. Congratulations, everyone! I love the selection of Christmas books!

  3. So many delightful Christmas reads!!! Congrats to all the authors.

    Can't wait for the Christmas serial here on this blog! I always love reading our revolving stories. Writing a segment is fun too!

  4. Pamela, I'm thinking Harlequin is the only publisher that still goes big time for Christmas books. I didn't find too many others this year!

    Looking forward to participating in the Christmas serial.


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