Monday, July 1, 2019

July Happenings!

Happy July! Terri Reed with you today, enjoying some sun after last weeks torrential rains, thunder and lightening here in the Pacific Northwest.

Can you believe it's July 1st? Where did June go?

This month I'll be heading to New York City with 2,000 of my closest friends. Ha! Well, at least some of them are close friends. 
The Romance Writers of America conference is set for the end of July in NYC. Every year RWA hosts a massive book signing. There will be authors of every romance genre. Several of the Ladies of Love Inspired will be present, signing one of their latest releases. And it's FREE to the public! If you're in the area, stop by we'd love to see you. 
(The link below will take you to a list of all the authors)
Saturday, July 27
3:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET
New York Marriott Marquis

I'll be signing Buried Mountain Secrets, my March 2019 release.
Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

Can they get off the mountain alive?

Desperate to find her missing teenage brother, Maya Gallo ventures into the Colorado Rockies expecting rough terrain—not deadly treasure hunters. But when she’s caught in their crosshairs, ruggedly handsome mounted patrolman Alex Trevino comes to her aid. The deputy sheriff knows what these bandits are capable of, so getting Maya—and her brother—home safely may be his hardest mission yet

Next year the conference will be held in San Francisco the last week of July. 

  • July 3: Compliment your mirror day--my mirrors pretty plain though I'm thinking they mean the reflection? LOL
  • July 4: Independence Day (in case you want some history behind the celebration, click here )
  • July 6: World Kissing Day--hubby better be prepared. ;-)
  • July 13: Embrace Your Geekness Day--I want to be a superhero so does that make me a geek?
  • July 17: World Emoji Day--I like emoji's. 😍
  • July 21: Ice Cream Day--I'm a sherbet girl on a sugar cone. What's your favorite flavor?
  • July 30: National Cheesecake Day--plain with strawberry compote. Do you like Cheesecake? 

Coming in August 2019 SEEKING THE TRUTH, book 5 of the True Blue K-9 Unit continuity series. 

Her investigation could prove fatal…

In this exciting True Blue K-9 Unit installment

By secretly investigating the New York City K-9 Command Unit chief’s murder, reporter Rachelle Clark puts a bull’s-eye on her back. Single dad and K-9 unit officer Carter Jameson thought Rachelle was reporting on police-field-dog trials—not his brother’s death. Though he’s not happy about her true purpose, the danger is real…and he and his trusty German shepherd must save her.


  1. Ice Cream Day??? National Cheesecake Day??? Must get these dates on my calendar ASAP so I can be sure to celebrate! (You can see where my priorities are--LOL! 😂 ) Have a great time in New York, Terri! I hope the literacy signing is a huge success.

    1. Thank you, Myra. I love that we celebrate so many fun days.

  2. There's a cheesecake day? Thanks Terri for letting us know. I love July. It's filled with so many special days and moments. I am excited about RWA, the conference and beach days. I love the dog on your cover. Very dramatic looking. Blessings.

  3. I love the dog too! I"d never seen an all white German shepherd when I started that book. Then one day I went to the dog park and there was one. I'm excited about RWA as well. And New York of course. Going to see Frozen on Broadway.

  4. I had no idea there were so many great days to celebrate in July. Ice cream, cheesecake, geekness. I'm in.


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