Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Sisterhood with Louise M. Gouge

Family Status: Married almost 49 years 

What Is Your Favorite Beverage: unsweetened Earl Grey iced tea

What Is Your Favorite Food: grilled steak as cooked by my grill master hubby

What Is Your Favorite Thing to do During Free Time: visit antique shops, go to movies, spend time with family

Who Has Been the Most Influential Person in Your Life: Jesus, of course, but otherwise too many to list!

First Book You Fell in Love With: The Black Stallion, The Robe, Jane Eyre

A Book You Wish You’d Written: Jane Eyre

First Book Published: It has a rather clunky title, but still it's mine: Once There Was a Way Back Home, Crossway Books, 1994

Most Recent Book: A Lady of Quality, LIH, July 2013

Out Next: Cowboy to the Rescue, LIH, September 2014

How Many Have You Written: 18 

What Do You Know Now That You Wish You’d Known Then: Never, ever make an enemy in the writing world. It will only come back to bite you.

What is Your Favorite Bible Story: The story of Elijah and the Shunamite woman

What is Your Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 47:4: "He shall choose our inheritance for us."

What is Your Favorite Hymn: "In the Garden" 

What is an Ongoing Prayer Request You Have: Health for my family, especially my younger son, age 42, a high school teacher and Anglican priest, who's about to undergo chemo and radiation after a tumor was removed from his brain.


Sandra Orchard said...

Great to get to know you better, Louise. Getting lost to your golden wedding anniversary--very inspirational! Will be praying for your son.

Christine Johnson said...

Nice to meet you, Louise. I love the hymn, "In the Garden" also. It always brings tears to my eyes because I associate it with the moment that I returned to the Lord after stepping away during my college years. My prayers for your son during this season of struggle.

Dana Mentink said...

Very true about not burning bridges in the writing industry. Truly is a small world. Thanks for sharing!

Leann Harris said...

I will pray, Louise, for your son. God works miracles everyday and I can testify that brain tumors are no problem for Him. I'll pray God will hide your son in the cleft of rock, cover him with God's hand, and keep him safe.

Leigh Bale said...

Fun to read about you, Louise. And prayers for your son's full recovery!

Danica Favorite said...

Nice to get to know you better Louise! Praying for your son.

Pamela Tracy said...

I'm in awe of how many years you've been married. Hubby and I just celebrated 12.

Praying for your son.

Winnie Griggs said...

Great to learn a little more about you Louise! And I too love the hymn In The Garden, just for the intimate side of our Savior that it reminds us of.

Mindy Obenhaus said...

So good to learn more about you, Louise. Praying for your family and your son.

Terri Reed said...

Prayers for your son going up.
Congratulations in 49 years if marriage. I hope you have something spectacular planned for your 50th.

Rachel Dylan said...

Great interview. And many prayers for you and your son.

Deb Kastner said...

49 nine years of marriage--what an inspiration! My prayers are with your son and family.

Louise M. Gouge said...

Wow, I just checked in and found all of your lovely comments. Update: We've passed 49 years and are headed for 50 full steam ahead. Also, our son is still on chemo, so all prayers are appreciated.

Missy Tippens said...

How fun to get to know you better, Louise!

Keli Gwyn said...

How exciting to have your Golden Anniversary coming up, Louise. I hope you have a fun celebration planned.

Like you, I drink my tea unsweetened these days. Weaning myself was tough. I grew up drinking sweet tea. My Texas-raised mom made it with so much sugar that a spoon could almost stand up in it.

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. May he feel the loving arms of our Lord supporting him as he endures his treatments, and may you all sense the peace that can only come from God.

Debby Giusti said...


Loved seeing your mention of THE ROBE. I read it years ago and still remember how special the story was to me.

Praying for your son.

Margaret Daley said...

I enjoyed reading about you, Louise. Thanks for sharing.