Sunday, January 25, 2009

God's Faithfulness

Hi Everyone!

I loved Lenora's post yesterday. I'm copying her list for future reference :)
As far as my post today goes-it will be fairly short. I just finished a deadline and it always feels so great and satisfying to finish a book. I'm always, always, always crazy at the end of a book--mostly because I'm worn out and partly because I enjoying being a bit crazy! I feel very busy and extremely blessed in my life right now.

I've enjoyed all the post over the last few weeks on faith they have been so timely for me and so inspirational. I think it is so important for us to read about or hear others stories of faith. As an author I write books of hope. Books that I can manipulate any way that I want. I can have as many miracles and happy endings after tests of faith as I want to create for my readerships satisfaction. But it is the real life stories that truly give us hope when we hear them. In these touching true tales of God's goodness in our hard times we know we are truly seeing that God is with us always. These type of stories get us through when we may be faltering. It's easy to look back over our lives and see how God worked everything out so perfectly. But in the midst of what we think is the worst of times it isn't as easy to see His hands at work. Thanks everyone for relating these beautiful testaments of His faithfulness in your lives.

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  1. Debbie, I've also been very touched by the shared stories. Yours as well!


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