Monday, January 5, 2009

Hope in Hard Times

We've decided to focus on Romans 8:28 in this blog for January and I'm glad. I don't know about you, but the news of late has made me nervous about the future. How can the banks be in such trouble? And the car manufacturers? And the stock market? These are days when I really need to know that God is in control. So, I found a picture to remind me of that fact.

I'm the kitten, but God is within me and so I'm doing just fine.

How about you? What pictures do you have in your mind that help you remember that God is in control?


  1. Great picture. Well, I'm not sure how to post a picture link in comments, so I'll just describe it. It's a photo of a cross with the backdrop of sunset. There is a silhoette of a person bent over on his knees, hands clasped in front of him. It's an amazing photograph...reminding me to always focus on God, give him my prayers, He will be with me always.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Janet, I have three cats and I think each one think that--they rule the house.

  3. Lynn -- That sounds like a great picture, too. I find some pictures like that are as emotional for me as a Bible verse. When times are hard, I look for them as well as music -- both can remind me of God's love and care.

  4. Margaret -- It is a great picture of cats, isn't it? The only thing lacking is the crown that should be on the lion's head for a cat's picture to be true.

  5. Great Picture Janet! My picture is in my office and it's of a light house on a story night and in the if you look close you see that Gods arms are open wide in the stormy sky on either side of the light house. When I'm feeling troubled I look at that picture and know He is in control, waiting to shelter us from the storm and troubled waters.
    I'll just say that I was really getting troubled and worried about all of this bad news and so I just had to stop watching the news. I just shut it out of my mind and thanked God for all the blessings I have. By focusing on the blessings I was able to put life in perspective.

  6. I love the photo! And also the others ones commenters described.

    I'm with Debbie. I've had to turn the news off. Or to at least not watch it as much. And I find I'm praying more (and am seeing more prayer requests about job losses, etc.)

    I don't have any photos, Janet, but I love yours! :)


  7. Debbie and Missy --

    I know what you both mean about the news. It's stressful and I feel powerless (who would even imagine some of the financial problems -- it's like everything is a house of cards ready to topple when one card is removed).

  8. Janet, I LOVE that picture, and in fact I have it on my wall in the hallway upstairs (near my kiddos' bedrooms)!! So I get to view it often as I carry laundry-LOL! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)
    1 Peter 5:7 (the verse I cling to!)

  9. CatMom -- What are the odds of you having that picture? A kitten and a lion -- something for everyone.


  10. Hanging in my office is a photo that years ago hung in my aunt's home. I had a turbulent childhood and that picture always made me feel so safe. You've probably seen it. It's of two children crossing a wooden bridge. Below is a raging, theatening, scary-looking body of water. And standing tall and protective above the children is an angel. When life rages, I look at the photo and remember that God is always, always watching over me.

    I have no idea how to post a photo to comments. Does anyone know??

  11. Linda -- Not only have I seen that picture you describe of the children and the bridge, my sister and I had one hanging in the bedroom we shared as kids. I've always liked it, too.

  12. Oh, Linda, I forgot to say that I don't know if one can post a picture in the comments. Does anyone else know? That would be cool if we could do that.

  13. I've seen this kitten/lion picture before but I will never see it the same again, thanks to you!

    It is all about His strength and not ours.

    FABULOUS post!



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