Friday, January 23, 2009

Hanging In There - with God

Hello again! Thanks to all your prayers and my dh's chicken soup, I not only believe I'll live, I'm looking forward to it!

I was deeply touched by Missy's last post because I, too, lost a baby early in one pregnancy. I could not have expressed my feelings better than she did. But, I now have 2 grown kids and 7 grandchildren, so it has been a while since that loss and life goes on. I became a Christian AFTERWARDS which also makes a big difference in the way I see things. My true peace about that baby who never was, came to me through Jesus, when I was in my thirties, a good ten years after the miscarriage.

I wonder why people sometimes dwell on the bad things and forget to celebrate the good. I know I'm guilty of doing so way too often. And, as an inveterate story-teller, it comes natural to me to exaggerate, too. In the case of my survival from catastrophic illness seventeen years ago, though, there is no need to add to the traumatic story. I'm here, by the grace of God, and I'll never forget what He did to save me, both spiritually and physically.

As an added bonus, my dh retired and we moved to the Ozarks where I have not only found the perfect atmosphere for creating my stories, I've found great peace. Being so ill was a real wakeup call and I honestly would not go back and change a thing. It wasn't fun. But it was necessary to bring us here, to this place at this time, and to strengthen my focus on our Lord and Savior.

Mature Christians have the advantage of being able to look back and see the miraculous things God has done. I hope I never lose the sense of wonder that those memories bring.




  1. Val, I love that cartoon! Glad your chicken soup is helping. Take care.

  2. Val -- It does take a wake-up call sometimes, doesn't it? I'm curious. Is the second picture of your place or a generic picture? It looks so peaceful.

  3. Being seriously ill does make you look at things in a different light. I have about a year of it and it has change my outlook on how I take care of myself. So I hate when someone reminds me it in a bad light! I mainly try to remember some of the good things that did come out of it.

  4. You know, sometimes it comes down to whether we see the glass as half full or half empty. I hope I always look on the positive side of things. I hope I'll learn to do so sooner, to see where God has been working for good.

    Thanks for sharing, Val. I love your photos (and the cartoon!). :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Sketch Girl!


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