Friday, January 2, 2009

The Times...They Be A-Changing

We had such fun with the 12 Days of Christmas! With January looming, the Craftie Ladies got busy typing and came up with various ideas as a theme for this first month of a blessed new year. Lyn Cote's idea, to focus on faith, got the most response. The scripture she chose from Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose" isn't one that I turn to often. I should. And maybe after this month, I will. When Lyn posted the scripture, she had a caption above it - I assume from her Bible's version - that read: More Than Conquerors. Hmmm, when I looked up the verse in my own Bible, I missed that little caption because, see, I like to consider Christians More Than Conquerors.

I am a conqueror. Being a Christian is hard. I didn't realize that until my parents let go of the reins (they never really let go but there's something about going off to college) and I realized that, yes, because I want to, I'm going to attend church every Sunday (and Wednesday), I'm going to read the Bible, I'm going to choose not to cuss, watch certain TV shows, and etc.

You know, I think one of the times God really had to work for the good of me was early during my writing career. When I first put fingers to computer, Christian fiction meant nothing to me. I didn't really know it existed, and when I found out about it, I was like, "Huh?". Now I kick myself and try to imagine how much further along I'd be if I only listened to His nudge. Okay, it wasn't a nudge. He pretty much had to knock me out of my computer chair!

God still nudges me today. You should see the floor around my computer chair. I make sure it's clear of rubble (think envelopes, books, bookmarks magazines, pencils) so I don't squash anything.

Thank You, God, for nudges. Has he nudged you lately?


  1. Yes, he has. I was trying to still teach and write although I had retired December 2007 from teaching. He didn't want to do both anymore and He made that very clear to me. I think He tried nudging me at first, then when I didn't pick up on it, He shoved me.
    Thank you, Lord, for the shove.

  2. God has given me nudges at times that have led me to say things or do things for certain people. I try hard to keep my radar out for those nudges!

    Lord, don't let me have blinders and ear plugs. Keep me open to Your leading. Amen


  3. Oh goodness. I was in the process of decluttering when I had a wreck last year. So I came home (in a cast and on crutches) to BOXES everywhere.

    Just now I'm getting back to it. LOL.

    Great post. I have a hard time working around clutter.


  4. I totally agree...Being a Christian is difficult but worth the effort...
    Being a Christian writer is even more difficult. I find that my flesh wants to be read, but when God is your editor, some things are off limits - even if they are 'popular' to write about.
    TL Boehm


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