Thursday, January 15, 2009


God works for the good of those who love him.
Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, does it? When terrible or unthinkable things happen, do we sometimes wonder if we are being tested?

Years ago in the NICU where I worked, a baby girl was born without a brain. The condition is called anencephaly. It’s rare, and children born with it die, usually within a few hours. This little girl lived for a month. Each day we expected her to die and each day she didn’t. It was emotionally difficult to take care of her--for the doctors and nurses and especially for her family.

One day one of the younger nurses said to me, “Why is God doing this? Why doesn’t He just take her to heaven?”

Now, I was not the wisest or the most spiritual woman working there, but that day I believe the Holy Spirit moved me to speak. I looked at her and said, “This baby is with us because she is a heart tester. She’s an angel sent to earth to test for kindness and faith in the hearts of those who meet her.”

Dozens upon dozens of people cared for that child and for her family. How many of us passed the test? How many saw this flawed, doomed child as a child of God, and in our hearts we cared for her as we would Jesus if He was the one before us.

I don’t know, but God does.

Because our human vision is so narrow, so small, we can’t see the purpose God has for us or the reason behind the trials we face. We must let our faith carry us through the dark times.

Have you met a heart tester? Tell us the story.



  1. I've met quite a few children that I would consider heart testers. When I was teaching there were two types of children who could consider heart testers. The school I taught in had a special needs unit. The children there were all living with some kind of physical problem which kept them from being able to perform in regular classes. They would be heart testers because not everyone would be able to be around them. Another type of heart tester I met was the child who was bound and determined to never let you know they cared about what anyone felt for them when in fact they were crying out for love.

  2. Working with children with special needs, I've met heart testers. I had one student who was a little old man by the age of sixteen. His life span would be short (wouldn't make it to twenty or twenty-five) because of his disease but his heart was full of courage and love. I still cry when I think of the day he participated in the Special Olympics State games in the 400 meter walk around the track. It was hot and he couldn't sweat (part of his condition). He didn't give up and was determined to finish the race although he had to rest and be continually cooled. When he crossed the finish line dead last a long time after the others, he received a standing ovation from the stands. It was awesome and heart lifting.

  3. Pat, what a beautiful story. And Ellen and Margaret, thank you for sharing your stories as well.


  4. Very touching post. I have a special place in my heart for differently-abled youngsters.

    Great, insightful post.


  5. Wonderful thought, that little girl had a precious purpose. Thanks for sharing!


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