Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life Is Not a Race

I read what Rick Warren said about having margins in your life. I thought about it a lot since then and have realized how important that is. Having margins in your life means having breathing room, taking time to relax and enjoy life. Americans are too driven. We work more and sleep less. We are wearing out our bodies and mind. We run from one thing to the next as if we are in a race.

I am going to work this year to put margins into my life. I know that situations change and some margins I plan will suddenly disappear but that’s what margins are for. If I have a book deadline and a family crisis happens, I hope that I have built in some extra time so I won’t panic on top of having to deal with the crisis. That just adds more stress on top of stress. And stress is not good for our bodies. Last year I discovered that when I ended up in the emergency room with skyrocketing blood pressure.

So take time to breathe, enjoy life and put some margins in your life.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this that might help others?


  1. Margaret, thanks for the great advice.

    I think one thing we can do is to make sure to schedule down time. If we don't put it on our calendar, or at least in our head for that day, then we may not take time away from work. And I guess we also need to set realisic goals/deadlines for ourselves so we're not so pushed.


  2. Great post. I like that concept of margins.

    Missy, you're right. Schedule downtime. I'm terrible at that. I've heard some people say that no matter what's going on, at nine o'clock the TV is off, computer is off, etc.

    I like to take some quiet time (no radio/tv/movies playing in the background) right after work while I tidy up the kitchen. It's just time to defuse, to think, to calm down. But other than that, I don't schedule much down time and I should!

    Great post today!

  3. Hi Margaret,
    I call it "wiggle room" not margins. GRIN
    Whenever I set a deadline for a book contract, I always insist on 1 month more than I really need.

    I tell the editor that she'll probably get it sooner, but I have to have room in case SOMETHING pops up.

    Many times that wiggle room has saved my fanny. GRIN

    And it gives me peace about not falling short and being late in handing in a book or proposal.

    So Margaret, good luck creating "margins" in your life. You are exactly right! We are driven!

  4. I love your all's suggestions.
    Lyn, I like the term wiggle room. I've always used breathing room.
    All I know is we need.


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