Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday approaches...

Ok, spill it. Are you going to shop Black Friday, or not?

Are you one of the brave souls who don extra layers for protection from both the elements and crazed housewives searching for sales and head out into the price sticker storm, or do you prefer to stay safely tucked in the house in your PJs, eating leftover turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie and see what madness pops up on the news at 6:00?

I used to be in the first category. I used to think there was something exciting and fun about getting up at the crack of dawn, throwing my hair in a ponytail, grabbing my jacket, and heading out with my mom and grandma to get ridiculously good prices. We'd usually shop for hours then head home, exhausted, realizing it was only 9:00 and way too early for the lunch our tummies demanded. Great memories!

Yet now that I live out in the boonies and have a toddler, I'm thinking the stores would have to actually pay me to shop there in order for me to budge from my cozy country haven! I'll live vicariously through others this year. And the next. And the next. And the next... =)


  1. I'm not venturing out. I can use my toddler as an excuse, but I'd be fibbing. I hate crowds.

  2. I'm doing very little shopping this Christmas. Money is too tight. I know I should be helping the economy recover, but just can't right now.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I am not going out to shop on Friday, have about all of mine done anyway, no way would I get in that mess.
    Made a lot of my gifts with my embroidery machine



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