Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall in Oregon

I love this time of the year because the trees are turning the most amazing shades of color. Greens, golds, oranges, yellows, reds, and even purples. I love the way the air gets misty and the smell of the earth rises on the breeze. I love to bundle up in sweaters, coats, hats, gloves and scarves. I love the way the crisp air tingles against my skin. I especially love this time of year because I get so much more writing done when its cold outside.
I'm currently working on two porjects for Love Inspired Suspense. My next Love Inspired Romance will be out in August 2010.

I have a Love Inspired Suspense book out this month titled Chasing Shadows. This book is a little bit suspense, a little bit mystery and a little bit cozy entwined with faith and a sweet romance.

When senior citizens start disappearing from a Boston retirement home, heiress Kristina Worthington is suspicious. Especially when she fears her beloved grandmother is next. Without solid evidence, she’s forced to turn to the one police officer who might listen—her former love, Gabe Burke. Now a seasoned cop, Gabe still sees her as the rich girl whose family thought he wasn’t good enough.
And though he takes the case, Gabe seems convinced he’s chasing shadows.
Until they start dodging threats, bullets...and their own rekindled feelings.


  1. The book looks graet. I love the cover.

  2. I love to read book about older people I am one and most books are about very young adults.
    The photo of the tree is so pretty.


  3. This book sounds so good, Terri! Can't wait to pick up a copy : )

  4. This sounds like a great book. The cover is lovely.

  5. I agree the cover is very nice. Steeple Hill does the best covers out of all the lines. Edna, I hope you'll enjoy this story. I have to apologize now because I have a character that orginally I had at late 80's and then decided to make her late 50's but did catch all the references to the character as elderly. A reader sent me a letter about the slip up.
    Romantic Times magazine said my hero was an good alpha male but not overbearing and my heroine was intelligent. It was a fun book to write.

  6. Is that a beautiful tree! I believe its some type of maple that goes in abundance around here. We have a huge oak tree in our front yard that is gorgeous except for in the fall when we have to take a 100 or so bags of leaves to be recycled.

  7. the photo is so beautiful I would love to see trees like that. when I was in Canada last year I was there as the trees started turning. they dont turn as much here where I live in Australia


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