Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Making a List: Checking it Twice

Pamela Tracy here, thinking about life and goals. I really am one of those strange people who happen to be list makers. I was reminded of this on Saturday morning as I was frantically trying to gather my belongings to I could head to a library to give a talk. I had a list of all I needed to take with me: 1) Notes for my workshop 2) Handouts 3) Fliers advertising Amanda Cabot and Tosca Lee's upcoming workshop 4) Pens with the Craftie Ladies' logo on them, and 5) Love Inspired bookmarks . Wha wasn't on my list was the bag to put them in. I finally settled on the ACFW bag still waiting paitiently, in the corner of my office, for me to notice it.

Oh, cool. I forgot about the great black notebook. Pens! There are about a dozen pens in the bottom! Here's the conference program with a Craftie Ladies ad in it. What's this pink piece of paper? Ah, my list of goals, made in Karen Ball's workshop.

My list of five short-term writing goals are
1) put out three books a year
2) get invited to a continuity
3) earn a royalty check that's over [secret number here]
4) win a RITA
5) get picked to do a workshop at Nationals

So, guess which one happened.
Then, what are your five short-termed goals (I have long-termed goals too btw)


  1. Hey, Pam my list mirrors yours. Hard to guess but I think you're putting out more than three books a year, right?

  2. Actually, I had three books in 2009, but right now I have no books for 2010. Scary.
    I'm not surprised your list mirrors mine. I'm thinking most people have similar goals.

  3. Goals for 2010
    1. take a trip overseas as birthday gift for my 30th birthday
    2. lose 15 kilos
    3. combine all that i've written down for the story from within
    4. enjoy colour conference 2010
    5. rock it out at Easterfest 2010 with superchick and KJ52

  4. Oh, I want to lose 15 kilos, too! What is a colour conference?


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