Friday, November 6, 2009

Farewell from Carol Steward, Welcome Carolyne Aarson

Hi and Bye. It's been great fun to participate in the Craftie Ladies. I want to thank you for stopping in and chatting and invite anyone who does need to reach me to do so at It's been a very exhausting time at my day job trying to learn what work that my friend who passed away used to do, and now hopefully, we'll be training others to do the work. I mostly wanted to open up this slot for a Love Inspired author with more current releases to have this chance to visit with our wonderful readers and friends. So please welcome Carolyne Aarsen every third Friday in my place. We've "written together" as Love Inspired authors since the early years of the line. I know you'll love her and her books as much as I do!

God Bless, and keep in touch.



  1. Awwww! Sad to see you go, Carol! We will definitely miss you and your lovely posts. Thank you so much for the great times!

    Welcome Carolyne! I have a couple of your books that I definitely want to I'll have to since I can actually talk to you about them lol! Anyway, I think that it's great that you are taking Carol's spot....however, those are some very big shoes to fill!

    Bye Carol! *waving*
    Hi Carolyne! *waving*

  2. Hugs, Carol! We know you'll keep in touch.

    Welcome, Carolyne!


  3. Thanks Hannah and Cheryl. I hope to be back again someday!

    I'll try to find a great picture of Carolyne to add to it when I get home.

  4. Carol I wish you well with your venture and thank you for your posts. I dont always reply to posts and I often read a weeks worth at one time hence the reason for not replying.

    Welcome Carolyne.

  5. Carol, be sure to keep hanging out with us!


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