Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Beauty, Leaves and Fun-Cheryl Wyatt

Cheryl Wyatt here.

All of the leaves were blown off the trees this week from wind, but days prior, the trees were so gorgeous. Now there is a huge pile of raked leaves in the yard and I am so tempted to run out there and kick them around for the fun of it. I had the urge to run and jump as high as I could and just land right in the middle of them. I'm a 40 year old woman though and neighbors were watching...LOL! So I just looked at the leaves and remembered when I was little. How my sister and I would play outside in the leaves forever. One never forgets that swoosh and crunch sound.

I'm not sure what it is about fall and leaves that brings out the fun in us. That pulls that child forth who we used to be.

I went to rake the leaves into a bag but my teen niece who lives with us begged me to leave them in a pile so she could play like when she was little.

I smiled.

Put the rake away and left the leaves. And thought about joining her.

Maybe tomorrow....I will.

Enjoy fall and the beauty around you. We only live once.




  1. Cheryl if you jump in the leaves with your neice it looks like your just bonding with her!
    you know you want to do it so as long as you dont injure yourself do it!
    When we were kids on the farm the trees were trimmed in autumn and we use to play with the branches till they took them away.

  2. As a kid I used to rake the leaves them jump in them. It was so much fun. Of course, I had to rake them again after scattering them.

  3. Jenny, I'd love to see Australia in its fall if you have much of a fall season there.

    Thanks for coming by!

  4. Margaret, that's the NOT fun part, raking them again. LOL.

    My husband does it the easy way...runs them over with the lawnmower and chews them up. Or blows them to the ditch and then bag or burn them.


  5. Hey Cheryl!
    We do that with part of our lawn-part lawnmower, part rake. However, this year I got out of raking because I still wasn't allowed to! : D

    We used to do that too! My sis and I would only do it a couple times though because we were both lazy bums and didn't want to rake it up again!

    Soooo....did you get to do it today?! I noticed that this was posted yesterday ; )

  6. Cheryl some parts of australia have beautiful displays in Autumn like the alpine areas and the hills, here we have some trees and i think I may have on in this new yard I know it drops lots of leaves! we do have autumn it actually is longer than spring it seems!

  7. Great post, Cheryl. I think you stirred up some good memories for many of us. As crazy as this sounds, I used to actually enjoy raking leaves, LOL. But now with my back problems it's much more difficult.*sigh* ~ When my kiddos were little, they loved for me to rake big piles and they'd run and jump in. Maybe now I could rake a very small pile for all my backyard squirrels! *grin* Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  8. I always loved to pile them up and dive in them, too!

    I did the same for my kids when they were little. But one day, after letting them play, then having my son pile a bunch in his wagon, a little snake slithered out!! (Well, I swore it JUMPED at us! LOL But hubby says he couldn't have. :)) I've never quite thought the same about playing in a pile of leaves! LOL


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