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Booksignings are a part of every author's life. Some view this as unfortunate, as the more introverted writer prefers to stay behind the safety of her computer screen than be in the spotlight. But it's a neccesary evil in marketing and promotion.

I used to be very shy growing up, and if you had told me even 5-6 years ago that I'd be holding booksignings and making speaking events at local writer's groups and churches, I'd have laughed in your face. No way! Not me, the girl whose voice shakes and neck turns all red and splotchy when put in the center of attention!

But God has, especially in the last 2-3 years, brought me out of my comfort zone and shown me that sometimes in order to put the spotlight on Christ, we have to be willing to step out there into the light ourselves first. I have four speaking events this year so far, all between last week and May, and while that used to bring fear and trembling, now I'm just excited and ready to see what God will do. Though I have to admit, I will probably still wear a turtleneck of sorts because the splotchy-ness has not completely gone away! lol It keeps me humble!

I have a booksigning this upcoming Monday night, February 1st, at 6:30 at Barnes & Noble here in Shreveport. If you're local, come on by! Both of my novels, RETURN TO LOVE and my brand new release, A VALENTINE'S WISH will be for sale that evening. I'd love to see you. There will be free chocolate and, for those who buy a book and sign up for my newsletter, the chance to win a really fun Valentine's giveaway basket!

So what are some tips/tricks you like to incorporate in your booksignings as authors? Or, readers, what are some things you like to see when you attend a booksigning by your favorite author? I'm open to any and all suggestions! =)


  1. I'm reading your book, A Valentine's Wish, and enjoying it very much(even though I hate Valentine's Day!Ha!)


  2. Betsy, I've found that people really like the "signed by the author" stickers! :)

    When I go to a signing, I like it when the author speaks to me personally, asking me questions about myself. So I try to remember that.

    Have fun at your signing! And your speaking events. I really enjoy them now, even though I was terribly nervous at first.

  3. I have only been to a few booksignings and all have been for cricket (sport) players. They are fun but its fairly quick as they are so popular. like get the book signed and leave.
    I did go to one and I was with another lady and he was alone so I got the book and signed and a photo and time to acutally chat for a few minutes and it made my day.
    As a reader I would love to meet some of the authors I read just to tell them how much I enjoy there books and how much the books mean to me. Also to thank them for writing. Its good to know what you want signed too. Like if its for a friend etc.
    Missy alot of us getting the book signed are excited but also nervous meeting an author. Its like sports stars. I know they are just human but they are sports stars! and I guess for me authors are the same they do something I can and I admire you all for that so we are often as nervous as you are.

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, Mrs. Betsy!

  5. Oh, Betsy, this is too funny!!! I had not even read this post yet when I commented on the your Scribble Chicks one a minute ago and mentioned the shaky voice and splotchy neck!!! So, I'm not the only one! :o)

    And as far as what you said about yourself being very shy growing up and never imagining you would be doing this...I can attest to that shy young lady that you were! That is definitely how I remember you! Shy, sweet, quiet. As a matter of fact, even Jennye was a little shy back then! ;-) (Okay, well moreso than now!) I am very inspired and proud to see what an amazing woman and writer you have grown up to be! Keep trusting God and He will never let you down!

  6. Betsy,
    I take a small notepad and I make everyone spell their name before I write it in the book. It keeps me from messing up a book when Mary is really Merry and Chris is actually Kris. I also give away free candy. Dove Chocolates are the best. That way people will stop who don't normally buy our kind of books and will visit. Also, kids pull their parents over.
    Best of luck. Some book signings are great events and some are you all alone except for the lady who wants to know where the cookbooks are and the man who needs the bathroom.


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