Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years over the years

Funny how New Years Eve changes over the years!

I remember as a little girl, my sister and I would go to my grandparents' house while my parents enjoyed some fellowship time with their friends, and spend the night. On TV, we watched the ball drop in New York's Times Square and had popcorn and Coke. I used to feel SO grown up and important that I was allowed to stay up until midnight.

Until a few years ago, when I realized the time difference between Louisiana and New York meant I was staying up all that time until 11:00. Not midnight.

Am I bitter that my grandparents lied to me for a decade? NO.


Anyway, in high school and college, New Years Eve meant parties at friend's houses, watching movies, playing games, eating way too much, etc. Fun times, and great memories.

The last three years have been pretty tame, with my being pregnant and then having a newborn. And this year, ushering in a new decade, was spent lying in bed at 11:45, eyes groggy, watching the clock and hoping the numbers clicked by quickly so we could have a quick New Years kiss and go to sleep! lol

I'm sure there will be more parties in the future. And fireworks where my 17 month old doesn't scream and cry and try to run away into the night out of sheer terror. And joyous midnight greetings instead of sleepy ones.

But for now, there's something special about these years of babies and Mommyhood and exhausted hubbies. I'm cherishing these holidays as much if not more than the super exciting ones. Because for me, there's nothing more exciting than being with my sweet little family on New Years Eve, even if we are all tucked soundly into bed.

I hope you had a great ushering in of the New Year, and made a memory of your own--even if it was as tired as mine.

And my resolution for 2010? To forgive my grandparents for the years of lies. =P

Kidding. I'm over it.

Just a little paranoid about clocks...


  1. Awww, how sweet! At least you're in LA and got to stay up until 11. Around here you'd have been in bed at 10. But seriously, you're still important, and you can still drink DC ;)

  2. LOL, Betsy. I grew up on central time and loved being able to watch the ball drop and celebrate on Eastern time. :)

    My husband usually poops out on us, so it's just me and the kids up at midnight, drinking sparkling grape juice. This year we watched that guy fly his car over the water on TV. LOL So see what you have to look forward to! [grin]

  3. This year on New Year's Eve we were at some friends' house. We were wearing our party hats, noise makers in hand, and getting ready to watch the ball drop. The hostess decided to turn the volume up on the TV and accidentally changed the channel just as the countdown hit 4. By the time we got the channel back, it was all over. We missed it.


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