Friday, January 15, 2010

Good grief - it's Friday!

Valerie Hansen here:

I'm guilty. Again. I lose track of time when I'm working hard on new books and, PTL, I am.

I do have a book coming out this month and although it's not a straight Love Inspired but a historical, instead, I wanted to at least mention it. And then I went and forgot my chance until very late at night. Here's the cover. I absolutely LOVE it.

Oh, well. I apologize. I have a mind like Swiss cheese and I think all the stuff I'm supposed to remember runs out through those holes!



  1. It is a great cover. I love wagon trains. One of my favorite movies was called Westward the Women. I think its from the forties!

  2. love the cover also. I echo what Pamela said as I love wagon trains too.

  3. LOL, I totally relate to that Swiss cheese feeling. :)

  4. I saw this cover and started to look more about this book.
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