Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Grateful Man Who Loves His Wife

All this month on my blog, Strong Women Brave Stories, I'm giving authors and readers a chance to honor the special women in their lives, past and present.

Today Author Harry Kraus, a medical missionary to Kenya, honors his wife:

His tribute begins:"Sisters, imagine your response if your husband came home one day and said, “Let’s move to Africa.”
Would you be scared? Angry at your husband? Angry at God?..."

To read the rest, drop by my blog

Harry is the best-selling author of The Six Liter Club--

"In 1983, Camille Weller becomes the first black female doctor at Medical College of Virginia. During her first day on the job, she manages to save a patient who lost six liters of blood---enlisting her in a prestigious surgeons "club." But will flashbacks from her childhood in the Congo paralyze her work---and her faith?"

For more about Harry Kraus and his books, visit his website


  1. Sounds like a good book. And, I can't imagine what I'd say if my husband announced that he intended to move the family to Africa.

  2. Very interesting title and topic!

    And to answer your question, I don't know! But I'm afraid I wouldn't handle it very well. :)

  3. It probably won't happen in my house. My husband isn't a believer, and I am afraid of flying. Yikes, now that I've typed that, I'm afraid God's gonna say, "hmmmm."

  4. Don't be afraid, Pamela. God never FORCES us to do anything. Right?


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