Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May flowers...

This month, it seems May missed the memo and is bringing more showers than flowers. The floods in Tennessee, the oil spill in the's been a pretty bad month in an environmental sense.

But God is still God, and He's still in control!

That is the only hope we have.

Sometimes in our personal life, it seems things are complete chaos. We have floods of tears instead of blooms of laughter. Our daily lives are filled with sticky oil instead of fresh water. But Jesus said He is the living water, and whoever comes to Him will never thirst.

Are you experiencing a storm or peaceful seas today? In your personal life? In your writing life? Maybe your life is sunshine and roses but you're hurting for a friend whose life is incredibly dark and sticky right now. Or maybe you're the one hoping for a ray of light to break the storm clouds, waiting for the endless waters to reside.

I've been on both sides recently, and it's hard. But my hope is in Christ!

As the people in Tennessee are discovering, there is a massive clean up required after every storm. The sun might be out and the waters might be drying up, but there's a damage in the wake. Is your heart hurting from the flood? Do you have wounds that still need to heal? Jesus is there.

Springtime isn't always pleasant. With the beautiful blooms comes threats of tornados. But the seasons always change. I'm hoping this is a season of relief and peace for you. But if it's not, don't wilt inside yourself. Come to the One who controls the waves and instructed the flowers how to grow. He cares for you!

Sometimes, when times are hard, it's good to read and get away, escape a little from our daily trials. This isn't a shameless plug for my publishe'rs novels, but an honest truth. Christian fiction can inspire, encourage, and uplift you. So if you're looking for some encouragement, why not pick up a couple of Love Inspired novels and see if God works in your life in a new way?

And hang in there. Remember, the next season is coming. =)


  1. Beautiful post and just what I needed this morning. Thanks Betsy.

  2. Seasons...some are longer than others but they do all come and go...and ultimately all under His control and in His timing. Thank you!

  3. Unfortunately the next season may bring more disaster to our coastal area as it is hurricane season. Keep the area in your prayers especially the areas that have already suffered from the oil spill or soon will.

  4. Great post, Betsy! And no matter what we're going through, we must remember WHO is in control. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Patti Jo

  5. God did say His Will be done, and as sin takes over the USA we will be punished more and more. I beleive that Jesus' return is near and as Solomn and Galmorra it is hard for Him to find many REAL Christian. With all the FREE right movements with the Gay and Lesbians that were the way it was when he did away with that city.

    Oh well I better not start tot preach but just wanted everyone to hear my views and ask that PLEASE ACCEPT GOD as you Savior before it is too late.



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