Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roses and regrets--Lenora Worth

Hi. My miniature rose bush is blooming. It's really a running rose and the brutal winter seemed to make it want to grow and grow. It's gorgeous right now. The previous owner of our house left a huge statue in the yard of two women from ancient days, caring water jugs. I've always called this statue "Ruth and Naomi", because the women are walking and laughing. They seem to be sharing a secret that no one else can hear.

I love my Ruth and Naomi statue. The running roses love it, too. They cling to the two women and circle them in an embrace of roses. I've often stared at the the two, wondering what trials they suffered, what secrets they share. Their smiles are lovely but a bit naughty, as if to say "We'd love to tell you but we can't." I wonder if they've cried together and shared heartache and regrets at times, too. I always feel better, knowing Ruth and Naomi are surrounded by beautiful, tiny red roses. After all, what women doesn't love roses? But the important thing I know about these two is that God's love is all around them as they journey along a dusty road, and promise to always stay near each other. That brings me comfort when I have to come back inside and work while they frolic in my garden. Do you have garden stories or a favorite garden ornament that brings you joy? And do you have a favorite friend you can share both laughter and regrets with? I hope so.

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  1. Oh, I love roses. Any color, any size. I adore them. My favorite rose story involves my better half. When we were newlyweds I happened to mention that I love roses, hint, hint as my birthday was approaching. My frugal man looked at me and said, "Then you should plant a bush because roses are too expensive to buy."
    Not happy letting him have the last word, I did buy some rose bushes.
    21 of them. Ha!


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