Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthdays R Us

This past Friday was my birthday. No, don't even bother asking which one. I'm not telling. I used to love birthdays (remember, I was raised an only child). This one will go down as one of the most interesting:

1) Woke up to presents on the kitchen table. Crockpot from hubby(really, I asked for it) and two little gifts from my five-year-old son. Mikey promptly spoke up indignantly, "I didn't get those. Daddy did." He was a little upset that Daddy would buy things and then claim that he (Mikey) had gotten them for me. To solve the problem, Mikey ran to his bedroom, got his new Lego box, and gave it to me. After a bit of back and forth, he agreed that he'd still store his Legoes in there, but the box would be mine.

2) At work, they'd decorated my door in black crepe paper and pictures of really old people. There was also a vulture standing guard. I had to break into my office.

3) I was co-chair a one day workshop at my school. My co-chair had a family emergency (more abut her in a minute).

4) Finished conference, called husband, couldn't make it home in time to change clothes before going to party. (Stopped at TJ Maxx on the way to the party and purchased four new shirts. I couldn't wear the professional looking black blouse under the gray sweater to my birthday party, now could I?!).

5) Got to party just in time. Party at my friend Maribeth's (co-chair, remember). She wasn't there (sniff).

6) Finally got home so tired I fell asleep in the chair (which made me worry about my new age since I've not fallen asleep in the chair since I was pregnant with Mikey!)

7) What a wonderful day God gave me, surrounded by friends.


  1. I would have never known until you spelled it out. You looked marvelous Friday night. Your bithday certainly agreed with you. Oh and don't worry, I'm not quite as old as you and I fall asleep in the chair sometime. Just put it down as a mommy moment!

  2. Blessings...falling asleep in a chair is one of the privileges of being older.

    May the coming year be full of excitement for a good way of course.

    Peace, julie

  3. Kim,
    I'm so glad you could be there!

  4. Julie,
    Excitement's my middle name. I'd love to change it to peace.

  5. Happy birthday, Pamela!!! Sounds like a big day. (I'm still laughing about the Lego box. How sweet!)


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