Monday, October 4, 2010

Lyn Cote--Wish me a Happy Anniversary!

Today is the day I married my dh THIRTY-SIX, that's right 36 years ago. Yikes! That's a long time! We were married in Waukegan IL at my home church. I wore white and my groom wore a blue patterned polyester tux. Ah, those were the days, the seventies. GRIN

One special memory of that day. After the wedding we drove to Steve's grandmother's house. She was in her late eighties and didn't go out much. The little children in the neighborhood saw us go into her house. When we came out, they have formed sort of a conga line down from the steps to the curb. And with one arm and one foot out like dancers, they chanted: "Happy Anniversary! Hey!" Hilarious! I waved to all of them as I swept into our "limo." (We didn't rent a limo. Our cars were such old beaters that we borrowed a friend's parents' car for the wedding!)

Tonight we're going to attend a George Winston concert in our little town. We have a art center in an old church downtown. Last year GW performed here because he had an open day between a Chicago and Minneapolis concert. He enjoyed playing at such an intimate venue that he promised to return! And his concert will be for the benefit of our local food pantry. So I'm really looking forward to tonight! Here's a sample from You Tube!

Questions for you:
Did you enjoy that?
How long have you been married?
Any memories of that day you'd like to share?


  1. Happy anniversary, Lyn. Married 19 years this past August. I remember my nephew running and falling in front of the church, tearing the hole in the knees of his tux. Others thought he should sit out, but I said no. Dusted him off and let that 6 yo ring bearer walk proudly down the aisle.

  2. Patricia,
    19 years--excellent! And you were right to let your nephew walk down the aisle. Accidents happen--even at weddings!

  3. Happy anniversary, Lyn. My hubby and I were married on Super Bowl Sunday February 4, 2007. We didn't think about that when we decided to get married. It was the coldest day of the year at -20 below zero. The most adorable moment was when my three year old granddaughter didn't want to walk down the aisle by herself, so she dragged her 6 foot 3 inch father down the aisle in his parka. When she got to the end, she looked back and saw that I was still at the end of church. She turned and yelled, "Come on, Grandma." She ran all the way to the back and walked me and my son up to my laughing groom. It was very memorable.

  4. Congratulations, Lyn. I remember when we married we were both in college. Some friends wrote PTL on my dh's car. The other graduate students who were friends of my dh asked what does PTL mean? They were graduate students in physics and had no clue.

  5. Minus 20--Yikes!

    And Leann, PTL to you too!

  6. Happy anniversary, Lyn!! I'm still cracking up about your husband's tux!! :)

    We'll celebreate our 25th this year. A big one! One thing I remember from our wedding is my college roommate nearly faiting. She had to sit down, and we have some funny photos of it. Of course we found out later that she was pregnant. :)

  7. Forgot to say that my roomie was one of the bridesmaids.


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