Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peace in a chaotic world--Lenora Worth

Hi. I was thinking about what to write today and wondered if I'm the only person on earth who wishes all the talking heads would just be quiet. We're blessed to be able to get information from so many sources today--the television, our phones, online and even the old fashion way--through the mail.

But how do we decipher what is true and what is just speculation and assumption? I've actually started turning everything off. No television, no cell phone to tempt me, no checking the e-mail every five minutes. I had forgotten how nice the quiet can be. Eating lunch while watching the birds and squirrels just outside my kitchen window sure does beat those shouting matches on all the twenty-four hour news stations. And don't get me started on reality television shows. While I still watch a couple of those, I find it very distasteful to watch a man or a woman trying to find true love by going through 25 or so candidates who are so starry eyed they can't think straight. Is that any way to begin a life together?

I'm not a cynical person. I'm just wondering where other people go to find their "upper room". Where do they go to find a quiet place to think and pray and meditate on Christ and this world. Sometimes, just listening to the quiet can speak volumes. Maybe all those shouting heads should give this a try. It just might bring some civility to solving the worlds problems.

Where do you find your quiet time?


  1. What a wonderful post. I find that it is often chaotic world also. People are so busy they often are not listening or don't care what is happening around them. I love to read, so I hardly watch T.V. anymore. My quiet spot is in my bedroom, with not T.V., no internet, no cell phone for a few minutes. Although, I am now a disabled, retired nurse, I have a lot of free time.


  2. Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." Just reading the verse it is hard to actually understand what God is talking about. To me, in this fast paced, noisy world it is about more than just spending time reading His Word. It is about actually listening with my heart. I have a wall appliqué with this verse. It reminds me to stop my brain from going ninety miles an hour, stop trying to make things happen, and listen for God's directions. It is hard to do with all the electronics and "progressive" tools we have. My quiet time is first thing in the morning, where I get my focus on Him, where it needs to be. It is a time before my family (especially my 13 month old son) awakes and demands my attention. It does not always happen, but it sure makes a huge difference when it does. I also take time off from the progressive tools and go without for a week or more at a time until my priorities are back in order.

  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies. I love the verse "Be still and know that I am God." I often think about that verse when I'm worried or tired.

    I'm trying very hard to slow down and listen :)


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