Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Needed: A Hero

I am starting a new book and deciding about my hero. I could use your help. What is it about a hero that appeals to you? What does he look like? How does he act? Do you like an alpha male or a beta one? What kind of occupations do you like to see a hero do? What makes an empathic hero?

Sometimes brainstorming with others help me form a clear picture of that vague hero in the back of my mind right now. Any suggestions?


  1. Alpha male definitely! Strong faith, wise, physically strong, and protective of those he loves. Comes across as uncaring, but in reality cares too much. The occupations don't matter much, though I do like to read about cowboys, officers, fire fighters, soldiers, and ministers. I also like when the hero is right there in front of the heroine face but she doesn't *see* him. For example, a neighbor that has been there for years, helping her, supporting her and God suddenly opens her heart to him. I have read "A Daughter for Christmas" and "Heart of A Cowboy". Both books had good heroes in them. (Loved them both!) Can't wait to read your next book.

  2. What's the heroine like, Margaret?

    I love to write opposites attracting. :)

  3. Sherri, I'm so glad you like A Daughter for Christmas and Heart of a Cowboy and the heroes in them. I love your description of a hero.

    Missy, circumstances have put her in a situation that she doesn't know how to handle. A fish out of water. But she is determined to learn to do what she needs to in order to raise her child.

  4. Sherri gave some great ideas!

    Margaret, I love fish out of water stories, too. :)

  5. I like men who have strength of character and a strong faith to carry them through the trying times of life. Men who may be quiet but are strong in that quietness. Men who don't say a lot but when they do say something, it is memorable. Men who don't anger quickly and who try to walk away from trouble, who don't start trouble but who will finish it if necessary. Any man can be a hero in the right circumstances, maybe next door, maybe at the store, or maybe at church.


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