Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sharing Family Excitement

Missy, here. We've had some excitement in the family this summer and fall. My nephew, Buster Posey, has had a great rookie season with the San Francisco Giants. And they're the National League West division champs, heading to playoffs! This photo is a shot my father-in-law took off the TV the other night after they beat the Padres. :)

It's been fun to be able to watch him play on TV. We even got the chance to go watch him when they played the Braves in Atlanta back in August. And now they'll be playing the Braves in the playoffs. It's all been very exiting to watch him living out his dream.

Selling books to Steeple Hill has been a dream come true for me! Have you ever had the chance to live out one of your dreams?


  1. What a wonderful family celebration you are having!

    Several dreams of mine have been fulfilled.

    I saw Monet's Garden in Giverny, France when the flowers were in full bloom.

    I spent a week in a hermitage in a monastery in New Mexico.

    I have seen the volcanoes in Hawaii and realized the little pebbles I picked up were actually "Pele's tears" which I had read about in a children's book when I was a kid. The dream of Hawaii had been planted them.

    I have been blessed. No doubt about it.

    Your entry is a good reminder to always think of NEW dreams as old ones are fulfilled.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Uh, that should have been "then" instead of them! ;-)

  3. Julie, those dreams are amazing! And yes, we need to keep on dreaming!

  4. I've loved hearing all the updates on Buster, Missy! He must be so incredibly excited...and may I say he's pretty cute too *wink* LOL! Can't believe I just said that.... Julie said, I have been incredibly blessed. No doubt in my mind there at all. I have travelled to over half the US and 11 different countries. I have seen quite a few Broadway/West End shows (which you know, we love music and musicals so that was INCREDIBLE!). I have met SO many encouraging friends both in real life and through blogging. I am so grateful for each and every connection I have made. I have had the opportunity to work with kids and am firmly planted in becoming an elementary school teacher. Currently I am hard at work *wink* on that goal. It will come with time and I am confident it will just takes time : )

    GREAT post today, Missy! I loved getting to reflect like that : )

  5. Hannah, is The Lion King one of the shows you've seen? It's absolutely amazing. When the music started, and the animals started down the aisles, I burst into tears! I was so moved by it!

    I was at the show with Linda Windsor. I sure hope she wasn't too embarrassed. :)

    Hannah, keep up the good work in school! You'll make a great teacher.

  6. How wonderful.Bet you guys are excited.


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