Thursday, November 4, 2010

Annual Ham & Egg Supper

Missy, here. We just had our annual Ham & Egg Supper at our church last night. It's a big community event that's been going on for over 40 years!

The menu includes country ham, grits, scrambled eggs, biscuits and homemade jelly. YUM! Some of my favorites. Of course, the day after, I'm always as thirsty as can be from all the salt in the country ham. :)

Every year, people start working the day before, trimming the ham, cracking the eggs, rolling the silverware in napkins, decorating the tables...

And then the day of the event, doing all the cooking and baking. And it takes an army of people to direct traffic, take tickets, serve the food, run the take-out window and clean up afterward. It's quite a production and a wonderful tradition.

Do you have any church or community activities that have become a tradition through the years?


  1. When my family moved to Texas I was a teen. Grits were something I could never do, but my native Texas hubby loves them, as well as friends who are southerners.

    We have a Mexican dinner to raise money for the youth.

  2. I tried grits once. That was enough. GRIN No, our church doesn't do a shindig like this. Sounds like fun!

  3. Leann, I LOVE grits. But I grew up in Kentucky putting sugar on them. After I moved to Georgia, people laughed at me and told me I should put salt and pepper on them. Now I do the salt and pepper! :)

    A Mexican dinner sounds fun! Sometimes our youth have a spaghetti bake dinner as a fundraiser. And the kids serve as waiters. Very nice!

  4. Lyn, did you do salt and pepper or butter and sugar? You should try them both ways. :) Also, cook them with cream--they're so yummy and creamy!

  5. You made me so hungry! What a great tradition.


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