Friday, November 12, 2010

More thoughts on Veteran's Day--Leann Harris

I was going to blog on something entirely different until I read Allie's post yesterday and want to continue her theme of thankfulness and allowing God to use you.

My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and he was a munitions officer. He was the guy that organized the bullets and bombs and gave them out to different units. One night his mother (this was before I met him) woke up from a deep sleep and knew in her heart she had to pray for my husband's safety. She prayed for hours. In their letters back and forth to each other my husband related to his family that the munitions dump had been infiltrated and the enemy had set off a certain palette of bombs. It had been a rough few hours. He took pictures of the crater left. Later, when his mom asked when and what time this happened, he told her. It was the exact time when his mother had woke with the urgency to pray.

It is always good to listen to that small still voice.


  1. Leanne -- Wow! What a reminder to pray when we feel the nudge.

  2. I find it amazing that the Holy Spirit prompted her to pray. Our prayers are evidently more important than we think!
    I had a friend who had a similar but less dramatic experience. She was making her son's bed and was prompted to pray. She did and then looked out the window to see her son trying to ride his sister's too big bike and just being missed by a car racing down their street.
    So remember pray without ceasing.

  3. When my husband told me this story, it just awed me. Sometimes, when that happens to me, I just pray. We don't know why, but God does.

  4. Amazing story, Leann. We should always follow those promptings! I have them sometimes and wonder if I'm just being a worry-wart. But I go ahead pray anyway!

  5. What a beautiful reminder of how much God loves us.


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