Friday, November 5, 2010

Valerie Hansen surfaces again!

Wahoo! Valerie Hansen is back. I know, I know. You hadn't really missed me. That's okay. I was chained to my computer and working on one of the new books for which I recently received a contract. This one is a suspense and there are three of those, plus two historicals, plus a regular Love Inspired Romance. Whew! Yeah, I get tired but I also consider my work as my personal ministry and it thrills me when I have more chances to write for Love Inspired.
As you can see from this cover, I do have a new historical coming in early 2011. Then, the month after that, there's a suspense about Texas Rangers that was part of a six-book, six-author series. The manuscript I just completed TONIGHT before readying this post, will be released in Oct. 2011. And then come the as yet unwritten others.
I truly love what I do. May you all be blessed as much by the tasks you're given.
Valerie Hansen


  1. Love the cover! Love the fact I can look forward to a Texas Rangers Continuity and more books from you!

  2. Val, I love that cover! What a beautiful dress!!