Saturday, August 13, 2011


As soon as she got married, Sandi Bradshaw wanted nothing more than to move out of Canyon Springs, Arizona. Then everything changed when her military husband was killed. Now, establishing a veteran's memorial for Keith has brought Sandi and her daughter back to his hometown. And face-to-face with the man who stood in the way of her marriage! Bryce Harding has a lot to prove to this same hometown crowd—and the very stubborn Sandi. But can they embrace the possibility that God might be giving them both a second chance at love?


  1. I'm so glad this book has come out! I read the proposal before it sold and couldn't wait to read the whole thing! I love Glynna's writing. Y'all will love this book!

  2. Hi Missy:

    According to Kindle I’m 32% into “At Home in His Heart” and I think it’s Glynna’s best book! However, I want to point out that the hero and heroine were not lovers in the past. In fact, they were on hostile terms. They are not getting a ‘second chance’ at love with each other!

    This is important because I don’t like stories where the hero and heroine were lovers, then marry other people, and then when the spouses die, they get back together and find true love.

    I just hate the idea of my wife finding her true love after I’m dead! : )


  3. LOL, Vince! You're so funny.

    You know, I just finished editing a book that will come out in February. In it, the woman's husband (who was sick and dying ) had told her he wanted her to remarry once he was gone. Now, I'm wondering how believable that was!! ;)

    But never fear. This my couple was never a couple in the past. He dated my heroine's older sister! :)

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  5. So glad you're enjoying it, Vince! You're right, Sandi only met Bryce briefly a few months before the story opens. Guess marketing like the "second chance angle." :)

  6. Hi Missy:

    You wrote:

    “In it, the woman's husband (who was sick and dying ) had told her he wanted her to remarry once he was gone.”

    There is no problem with this at all. Husbands say this all the time and mean it. Of course, they expect the wife to wait a decent interval.


  7. Vince, I'm not sure I could be so generous to my husband!! ;)

  8. Vince I hear what you say. I tend to not like the ones where they were in love before and something happened.
    I guess its not I dont like them its just it seems to happen alot.
    I know some people who have found love again and others like mum who as far as she was concerned dad was the only man for her. (dont know If I would have liked a new father!)

    Cant wait to read this book but it may be a little while till I can get my hands on it.

  9. Hi Ausjenny:

    I think it depends on how old the wife is when the husband dies. I’m not sure I would want my 61 year old wife to remarry. But a 20 to 40 year old wife, yes I would. Of course, I would expect her to exercise the same fine judgment in selecting a husband which led her to pick me as a husband.

    I also agree on re-loves! There are so many people looking for love for the first time, I don’t have a lot of empathy for those who get a second bite at the apple. : )

    Then again, if I were a widow or a divorcee, I might really like these books. Fortunately there are enough romances published every month for everyone to get the romance story they like best. (Well, not always: I love the 'beauty and the brain' theme but there is only one of these every few years. : ))


    P.S. I envy you your ability to get all those wonderful Medical Romances where you live.