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Meet Teresa, one of our favorite readers!

Here at the Craftie Ladies of Romance, we're all about our readers. Teresa is one of our most loyal. Read on and find out what it's like to read a Love Inspired romance when you're from another country/culture. This is an awesome interview

Welcome, Teresa! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi. First of all, thank you for inviting me. I'm 44, I'm married - 22 years - to the kindest man alive and I have one son, he's 20 and kind as his father. I also have a girl who is 12. She's at that brat age that can't understand my love for novels and happily ever after. I live in Portugal and I absolutely love my country.

What are you three favorite books (I know, hard to narrow it down). Tell us, what spiraled them to the top of your list? What did the author do that won you over?

My best friend's daughter, by Dorothy Koomson. I fell in love with it because it was the first less perfect story I read. I also had a fall out with a friend, and when I told her I'd always be here for her, she refused it. I was asking myself when will I stop being stupid and let people go and stop loving them as they ask. Suddenly, I was offered the book, and it was like God telling me that there was nothing wrong with me and healing me throughout those pages. The second favorite is from Nicholas Sparks. It's called The Rescue and I can think of no other reason to love it so much but for the fact that it ends with HEA, not something very common in Nicholas ahahahah. But all those characters pull me, and I really have to visit them from time to time... The third book will always be the next one. Really, I reserve that position to the book that will delight me next. That book will bring me new lives and new people to my life. I really live for that white canvas, so full of possibilities...

What is your favorite Love Inspired Romance? Why?

The Four Little Blessings by Merrillee Whren. Followed closely by Daddy in the Making by Lyn Cote. But so far I've read less than 10 inspired books as I only discovered them, recently, through Merrillee. Why?! Maybe because it was the first LI novel I read and somehow "threw" me to so many less-perfect circumstances all at once and the first time I didn't close the book, recover, and then started again. No, I embraced the drama. I loved its sweet details and also the freshness of little things made with love. In an era of Wii, PS etc I felt the warmth and fun that Merrillee put when describing the board games, the loving feeling of a hand's touch and something I treasure - that loving bond that children instantly get when meeting "really" good people. We lose that instinct when we grow up and lose so much in the process - “Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.” (Mark 10:15) ...]

What are you reading today?

I'm reading The Daddy Surprise by Ginny Aiken, but the characters aren't working for me so well, because after some great male characters in the previous novels I'm having difficulty in bonding with the guy... and when this happens it's, for me, a sacrifice to go on. But then Ginny created an absolutely adorable child, a faithful mother, a lovely town and - here she had me - a Victorian House falling apart (that white canvas, again :))

Teresa, you're not American, and you've said that some things in our books are 'pure' American. Can you give us an example?

It's funny and I can almost see you gasp when I tell you - potluck dinner for example. I had to go to the dictionary to try understand what was that, and it says so much about you - the give and take. The way the church communities gather and step up to help those in need. Here I feel we go to church together, we give the peace, we participate in community events but that extra Love Thy Neighbor is still very difficult because people put a barrier - step no further - even if a non conscientious one. And warms my heart beyond words to see the magical effect that those events and gestures (that I've found in other USA books, and not only Love Inspired) make on people's lives. I would love to belong to a community like that. Here I can step and almost impose my help but people will always hold back and even resent that they need that help.]

Do you write, also? If so, tell us what you’re working on?

No. Not at all. Even if I had the talent where would I find the time with so many books I want to read, blogs to visit, facebook pages to comment?! LOL But I don't think I have the talent. If I had I would write Love Inspired books in Portuguese because I'm so afraid they will never reach here and it would do good people see how a religion of simple love could do for each other...

Besides the Craftie Ladies, tell us two or three other Blogs you like to visit and why.

Bloggers became my friends. Some I've never met or ever will but I like the chit chat that my comment on their blogs bring to my life and the bits that little by little we share and enjoy together. They would be: she has that USA marked spirit but is also a sharer, meaning it's not only about decor or stuff but also about Susan and her life. Love it! Sam is a sweet young lady and treasure her "visitors" by giving back what she receives. With the added interest of growing older with her and watch all that life still reserves... Again the fiendly hug always present in Laura that welcomes us to her life and share things in the way you would with an old friend over the phone.]

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, my endless Thank you to Merrillee for introducing Love Inspired Novels to me, my Thank YOU to all CRAFTIE Ladies for creating characters I wish I'd meet and to you, Pam, for giving me the honor of being interviewed in this lovely Blog. I'm feeling a bit of Lenora right now and you'd all agree that's a fabulous thing, right?

Thanks so much for being our Monday’s Main Character


  1. So great to meet you, Teresa! I agree the community is an important thing that is so wonderful in America. We recently had a tornado in our town and it's been so wonderful to see the church and community in general come out to help those who lost thier homes and to just be there to pass out water and meals. It's a true blessing. So glad you're enjoying LI books!

  2. Teresa,
    We're so glad you're here. It was such fun doing the interview with you. One thing about potlucks that the books don't tell you is... if you're part of clean-up after, you'll be washing dishing forever!
    <----often brings potato chips to potlucks.

  3. Hi Teresa,
    It is so good to see your interview here. I loved learning more about you, even more than getting to know you on Facebook. It humbles me to know that one of my books brought you to the Love Inspired books. As you said, they show a sense of community and love that centers on people's faith. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Teresa, it's so nice to get to know you! Thank you so much for the interview. And thank you for reading our books and sharing with us online!!

  5. Pamela, the trick it to take a Stouffer's lasagna! Then you throw the pan away. :) And it's better than homemade (mine, at least). hehe

  6. Ah, but Missy, then I have to remember to cook the lasagna. LOL. Truly, last time I took mac and cheese. Did you know you can buy it by the tub and just heat it up! Toss in some cubed ham, and you, too, can impress the potluck crowd.
    Or not.

  7. Nice to meet you Teresa and I know what you mean about some of the pure american things. Being an Aussie I have notice these also. we have church lunches etc but we dont call them potlucks. I didn't know what that was when I first heard it either. but then I know here often an invitation would say bring a plate. All aussie know what that means but others dont and will often bring a plate with nothing on it.
    Here it means bring a plate of food to share.

  8. Jen,
    Don't you have something called a 'pounding'?

  9. I always called them potlucks growing up in KY. When I moved to Georgia, I found out they call them cover dish dinners. :)

    Pamela, good point! You have to plan to bake that lasagna! :)

  10. pamela, I think that is "I'm going to give you a pounding" meaning I am going to give you a hiding or beat you up.

  11. Okay, then I'm thinking of Canada where when you have a potluck, say as goodbye to someone who is moving, you give them a pound of something, like sugar.

  12. You're all too kind.

    Thank you for reading my interview. Another sense that LI inspired books gives you is how fast things can turn to worst, to good or just differently and how trusting in God you endure and pray your way through it trusting. And a natural thing, because reading my own interview of some weeks ago, I realise how things do change.

    I'm now reading KIM WATTTER's "Home Sweet Home" and can't get to the end (well, Missy knows I've been to the end ahahah just can't help it ;)) so I can read it again.

    Full of black canvas this book. It reminds of a singing we have in church about we're clay on God's Hands.

    And dish dinners are the same as potluck? And me thinking all these years that the person didn't have enough China to welcome friends ahahahah

    Even staying behind for the cleaning adds to the sense of belonging, Pamela. Count me in!

    Wishing you all a nice week and again, Pamela, thank you for having me.



  13. Jenny,

    But isn't it nice to read those different things about people and their traditions and costumes?

    I Love it. And I would never guess that an Aussie would feel so different.

    I wish you'd write LI books with Aussie experiences and vivencies. You have such a beautiful country and I'm sure we - readers - would enjoy them.


  14. Teresa, I love reading the books and learning new things too. Im sorry I am not a writer but there are some really good Aussie books out there at the moment with the unique aussie style.
    my Canadian friend has started reading some and can really notice our different writing style.
    a good example is if I was to ask how you are feeling I would write it as.
    How are you going? I had a friend say going where. The other is when we say goodbye we often say "see you later" or just Later as we tend to shorten everything. We may never see you again or maybe not for a long time but we will stay say see you later.

  15. Teresa, so glad you enjoyed Daddy in the Making!

  16. Hi Teresa. Just got back from an almost two-week vacation. Thanks for reading Home Sweet Home. :) Have a blessed day.


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