Friday, May 18, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Jeopardy??? Lenora Worth

Thirty minute show that takes trivia and begs the question--What is Jeopardy?? Elnora is no genius, but I do have a guilty pleasure every afternoon at precisely 4:30 Central time. I shut down my work and go downstairs and fall down on the couch, grab my favorite palm tree embossed throw and watch "Jeopardy" with Big Daddy. I usually fall asleep during the Double Jeopardy round, but I'm thinking all of that knowledge is still channeling through my poor, tired brain. Because I always wake up for Final Jeopardy. And sometimes I actually know the answers.<< This week the show has been interesting since Alex Trebek has taken the show to Washington, D. C. so some "power players" could face off. He defined "power players" as celebrities or famous people who influence the masses with their words or actions. (I paraphrased that, but you get the idea.) Most of the contestants on this week are newscasters, authors and bloggers. The money they win goes to certain charities. That's all fun and games, but it got Elnora to thinking--We all just might be power players. After all, we write books that influence the masses. We get letters from readers acros the universe, telling us how much they love our stories. We go to speaking engagements to explain how we create our stories and talk about the business side of commericial fiction. We tell stories about heroes and hardworking people who love their families and love God. We tell stories about the issues of the day, good and bad. We write heartwarming stories full of universal truths and human nature, stories that readers seem to identify with and understand. Someone, somewhere, in one of those workshops said if you write a book and 2500 people buy and read that book, then you have touched 2500 people and you should be proud of that. Elnora agrees with that, because 2500 is a lot of people. But most of us here sell way more than 2500 books each time we have a new release out on the shelves. Personally, Elnora has an estimated (over) 3 million copies of her books in print. (As we say in the South, it ain't bragging if it's the truth!) And I don't say this to brag. I say it to make a point. Knowing that millions of people have bought your books over a fifteen year period is amazing, a blessing, a gift. But the point is--we write for an audience of one. The One. We write to celebrate the love of Christ and the beauty of romance and two people discovering love and a lifetime together, through all the odds and obstacles that life throws at them. And that, dear readers and dear ladies of Love Inspired, makes us power players. One day, we might even wind up in a Jeopardy question: A series of heartwarming, sweet books that women the world over buy and read and enjoy. The answer: What is a Love Inspired book? Let's discuss--What is a Love Inspired book to you? Do you think we have the power to change lives with our words?


  1. Thank God for this question Elnora. I was just thanking God for Love Inspired (and getting scared of ever meeting the standard) on my way to the office this morning.
    I read Lois 'An Easter Child' overnight. I couldn't sleep till 2:30am when I finished reading it (The book is the 6th of the set that Janet Tronstad sent to me, God bless her)
    I saw the love of God 'preached' through the actions of the characters in that story. It just flowed from page to page until it reached me. Yes, i was greatly touched. And lifted in spirit.

    Love Inspired is different because I didn't have to skip some love scenes in order to stay 'safe'. Love Inspired is wholesome food for the soul and heart!

    Beautiful women, keep on doing the good work. You are touching lives worldwide.

  2. Olufisaya, you have certainly touched our lives, too. It will be a year in September since you first posted here and we found each other. That is the power of words. God brought you to us!! Thanks for your kind words. :)

  3. Lovely, Lenora! Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask, "Am I really writing stories that others read?"

    Well, yes! Amazing and such a God thing.

    I think Him each and everyday that He blesses my work and allows it to be read by His beloved children around the world.

    My responsibility is to be the best writer I can possibly be and honor Him through my writing.

    PS: Chris Wallace mentioned being on the special DC Jeopardy, but I haven't tuned in. Thanks for the reminder.

    Waving to Olufisaya! Sending hugs and prayer!

  4. Oh yes, you writers certainly do inspire us, influence us....and it is easy to tell (as Debby said) that you pray over your work! I love reading LI books, and look forward to those I'm receiving from the book bash! Keep up the great writing!!

  5. Thanks so much for adding your comments, Debbie and Jackie. And Jackie, we do appreciate our readers. I owe you a book. I have to confess I took several to Florida and had planned to mail one of them to you. But I gave it to a dear friend whose mother lost a daughter (her second child who died) and then found out she was ill herself. I think she needed that book. I will get yours in the mail ASAP!!! We do love our readers.

  6. Love inspired books are easy reading romance novels with the romance intact and christian theme involved.

    Dont forget the male readers.

    I love the books because they are easy to read but still pack a punch. I know even non christian like them because of the fact the romance is intact and they are g rated. I have donated these and other books the library love as they have ladies asking for them.

  7. Elnora, you're awesome. Loved the post.

  8. Love you, too, Linda. I shared your RITA story at church today.


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