Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RITA Roll Call

2011 - Our finalist this year is Linda Goodnight.  Check back next Thursday for the story.

2010 - Finding Her Way Home by Linda Goodnight

2008 - A Touch of Grace by Linda Goodnight

2008 - Pamela Tracy finaled with her Love Inspired Suspense Pursuit of Justice.  Pamela says, "I knew when I started this book that it was different.  The story had been hammering at me for years, begging me to give it a turn.  From the first page, it felt right.  When it finaled in the RITA, I felt like someone had just whispered in my ear, 'Hey, you really can write.'  I felt like Cinderella the entire conference.

2007 - Allie Pleiter finaled with My So-Called Love Life

2006 -  One finalist this year was Lyn Cote.  She had this to say.
"The first book in my Women of Ivy Manor historical series, Chloe, finaled in 2006.  Finaling in the RITA bolstered my confidence and helped me be more adventurous in what I write. My book Chloe has remained one my most popular and controversial books. I say controversial because either readers love the heroine or hate her. But once they start reading her story they can't stop reading. Chloe was one of my few heroines who didn't start out as a brave woman. Life beat her up in many ways till she finally saw matters clearly and could take charge of her life. She is the matriarch in the remaining books of the series and everyone looks up to her. But early in the 20th century, she had been raised to be just a pretty face, an elegant hostess and nothing more, but she became a woman of character, one I've proud to have written.

2006 - Terri Reed also finaled in the RITA in 2006 with her second Love Inspired Romance A Sheltering Love.

There you have it! 
Most of us Craftie Ladies have our Writers' Goals.  Winning a RITA is fourth on my list of five things to do during my writing journey.

How about the rest of you?


  1. It's wonderful to look back and see what these ladies have accomplished! It's encouraging to be a finalist or win a writing award. So happy for these hard-working authors. I'm looking forward to see who wins this year.

  2. Really happy for you all and, congrats, Linda Goodnight.

    Sure, winning awards will be part (a secondary part)of my writing goals. The first one is: Getting Published!

    Keep on keeping on beautiful ladies.

  3. Carrie,
    I actually found a site that had the finalists back about 20 years! It was cool to look at names from that long ago.

  4. Olufisayo,
    Yup, we've all had that one. Once you get published, number one on the list is "Stay Published!"

  5. It is fun to share in the joy of others who are RITA winners and finalists. I went to a workshop one year where the speaker had us write down our writing goals. I know one of them was to win a RITA, but I had many other goals, as well. I ran across that list a couple of years ago, and I was surprised to see how many of those goals I had already met.

  6. Merrillee,
    I've had that happen. I have five written on the dry erase board in my office. One of them has happened, but the other four wait their turn.

  7. Nice to see who has finaled and won. congrats to Linda on this years nomination.

  8. That's wonderful! Congratulations ladies! Thanks for sharing it Pamela!

  9. I did post but its gone. congrats to Linda,
    and nice looking at past winners and nominees

  10. Eva,
    I think next year we should add even more names!

  11. Ok trying yet again to comment.
    congrats Linda,

    It was nice to see the list of winners and nominees

  12. looks like blogger still dislikes me, thanks for the info on the awards/


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