Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Though this is the day after Memorial Day, I keep thinking about the incredible sacrifice many of our brave military men and women have made over the years. Did you watch the TV special on the eve of Memorial Day, the one that took place in Washington DC? One part of it featured an actor and actress, reading the stories of a woman whose father was killed in battle before she was born and the man who not only had served with her father, but was with him when he died. It was so touching, so sad---and a stark reminder that the story of a casualty of war doesn't end at the grave, but continues on, in the lives of those he or she has left behind.
My own father, who was in the CIC (forerunner of the CIA) was affected by the horrors of World War II his entire life. He told us amazing stories about some of his adventures, but there were many things he would never, ever speak about...and he sometime awoke with nightmares for decades after the war. There was an article in the Minneapolis paper on the obituary page titled "WW II Spy Dies" after he passed away, but the writer had no idea of everything my father had had to do...or experienced.
Have you--or do you now--serve in the military? Have a close relative who has? Would you like to share some of your feelings about what the Memorial Day time of remembrance means to you? Love Inspired has published some great military romances. Do you have a favorite title?
Blessings to you all,
Roxanne Rustand www.roxannerustand.com


  1. Hi Roxanne, my husband is a Marine. I'm very proud of him, especially since America is his adopted country. He's originally from Czech Republic and came here at the age of 21. Now a US citizen, he fought for our country on the front lines in Iraq. We live in a military town, so we're surrounded by many brave men and women and have known several who've given the ultimate sacrifice.

  2. We are all so blessed to have brave people like your husband in the military--and the equally brave spouses like you, who stand behind them. Thank you, Karen!

  3. Roxanne, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our service men and women.

    Karen - I echo Roxanne's thanks for your husband's service. We are proud of him too!


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