Monday, June 4, 2012

Overwhelmed by Technology?

Linda Goodnight here wondering if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by technology? I mean, let’s face it. We have a lot of choices. I recently decided to get a new cell phone, so I went into my provider’s store. The clerk took one incredulous look at my old flip phone and said, “How long have you had this thing?” Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember back that far, so I said, “a long time,” to which he replied, “No kidding. I’ve never seen a phone like this.” Okay, so he’s really young and his idea of ancient does not match mine.

Mr. Younger-than-my-shoes showed me around the mind-boggling display of new devices, most of which have nothing to do with calling home to let the family know I’m running late. A phone these days can do just about anything except your laundry. And I suspect it won’t be long until we can sync the washer with the phone so it has Junior’s baseball uniform scrubbed and ready to go before his big game tonight. I’m serious. The other day, my son used his iPhone to set his home DVR while he was at my house! Phones come with so many options and apps and software, it makes my head spin faster than that little satellite dish looking for a cell tower.

Now, about that new cell phone? I’m still looking.

Help a girl out. What kind of phone do you recommend?

And is anyone else overwhelmed by the sheer variety of available devices?


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  2. Every time.


    Last year's phone is obsolete, devices are taking over books (and let me tell you they're no substitute; can't be) and if one tries to keep pace with all the releases and hooplas those releases provoke worldwide one woul go crazy and soon would be selling the house to buy the last hype-model ahahahahah

    I'm traditional so the phone is to make calls, though I enjoy and manage the calendar in it too, with some reminders thrown in, all the other gyzmos available in the phone, not so much.

    Sorry I can't help you more, I'm hopeless in that area.


  3. I went to get a new phone just two years ago after having my cell roughly six years. The clerk said pretty much the same thing. The problem, I had videos of my son on my phone and because it was so 'old', they couldn't transfer them.
    I want a smart phone but only so I can have Kindle on it.

  4. Yes! I do get overwhelmed and distracted by the many choices. I recently went in to trade up my phone and was originally going to get a simple device. Was blown away by the Siri on the iphone 4s and went home with it. Siri is great especially when you're traveling and can ask her where a certain restaurant is or nearest Starbucks. ;) I did have to turn off the email notification sound because that was driving me a little nuts. But all in all, I like my phone a lot because it's very handy for email and news. Good luck with your choice!
    Oh, Pamela, you might be different but I don't use the Kindle on my phone because for me the screen is way too small to read for long stretches of time. Just my opinion.

  5. I finally updated last month. Love my new iPhone 4S! My last phone was about 3 years old, and the guy at the Apple store had to ask what model it was since he couldn't remember. :) We had a hard time finding an attachment to transfer my contact list! It was way in the bottom of the drawer. LOL

  6. This grandma wanted to be able to take decent pictures and post them to facebook. But mainly I wanted to stay with the curve and not find myself puzzling over new technology three generations of phones from now.

    Droid for me. I have the Kindle app and can actually read in the grocery line.

    Need to switch up to 4G this next go round. I keep hearing that you are an iphone or a droid person. I guess I am a droid because I was a Trekkie in another life.

    Good luck,


  7. Oh yes, I always need help with techy stuff! I already have a list of things (6 so far) to ask grandson about when he comes soon.

  8. Okay, are you sitting down? I don't have a cell phone, never have and don't plan to get one anytime soon. Gasp. I personally like being able to not be reached every minute of the day. (Although I admit that if I'm out at night, I usually borrow hubby's in case of an emergency)

    But if you're looking for basic ones, you might want to check here:

  9. I am shocked, Sandra! :) You're so up on everything. But, I agree, sometimes we're too connected.

    Like you, Linda, I probably need a new cell. I've had my BlackBerry for a few years and love it. My daughter just moved from BB to Droid and is very happy, but she has to charge her battery often. Seems my old BB may have all the functions I need...and it keeps its charge all day.

  10. Sandra, you have my deepest admiration. Anyone who doesn't have a cell phone is one strong person! You go, girl!

  11. Julie, I love this "droid or iPhone" person idea. I'll never be an iphone with my provider because they don't carry iPhones. It's the pain of living very rural--limited options.

  12. Teresa, you are so right. Phones become obsolete so fast. it makes me crazy.

  13. Missy and Karen, Siri is endearing, that's for sure. My daughter has her and I get such a kick out of listening to them talk to each other. Siri does not always understand clearly and the results can be hilarious.

  14. Debby, I was looking at a Blackberry. Users seem to either hate them or love them. My daighter in law junked hers after a few months because it froze up all the time. Another friend has had hers forever without problems. It's stories like that that make choosing so difficult.

  15. Linda, I'm even farther behind than you. Yep, still have my flip phone and only use it for emergency calls. Still have my landline too. Maybe this historical writer is living in the past? I do know I'll eventually have to change. The last time I walked in the phone store and tried to get "just a phone," the kid working there politely informed me there was no such thing. Sigh. A couple years ago when my younger brother handed me his smart phone to take a call, I stared at it and had no idea what to do. He must have had a good laugh over that one.

    Sorry I can't help except to sympathize and wish you the best in your search.

  16. Dont ask me! I have one of those old cells that doesn't even have a camera.
    I would think about what you want the phone to do. do you want to take photos, do you want to go on the net. or do you just want it for phone calls and text?
    I know I use mine only for emergencies and when away to sms. Its just to expensive here when I hardly make calls to be on a plan so mine is prepaid. I dont use it online or have a camera.

    Also if the salesman is like the one you had try a different store and find someone who will ask the questions what will you use it for. They should ask this before showing all the phones. This is what they did when I bought my first one.

  17. Sandra, I got one about 3 and a half years ago when mum broke her leg. The surgeon had permission to operate but the anesthetist hadn't gotten the permission. They couldn't contact me. They finally got it from my SIL. The next day they finally operated but he lost the permission and I was in the residence next door but they had to ring my SIL again. So they decided to get me a mobile for Christmas. I am on a prepaid plan where if I buy $30 credit it lasts 12 months. thats about the amount I use. I use it mainly when I am away and I have some alerts come via msm.

    I have my landline also as the cos of the cell is to expensive here.


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