Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Sisterhood with Leigh Bale

Meet Love Inspired Author Leigh Bale 
Family Status: Happily married to the love of my life since 1981
What Is Your Favorite Beverage: Diet caffeine free Pepsi over a full glass of ice, with a straw - manna from heaven!
What Is Your Favorite Food: Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and homemade rolls - I'm a traditionalist!
What Is Your Favorite Thing to do During Free Time: Cook a Paula Deen recipe
Who Has Been the Most Influential Person in Your Life: My parents and my husband

First Book You Fell in Love With: The Wolf and the Dove, by Kathleen Woodiwiss
A Book You Wish You’d Written: Edin's Embrace, by Nadine Crenshaw
First Book Published: The Healing Place, 2007
Most Recent Book: The Forest Ranger's Return, February 2014
Out Next: A Forest Ranger's Christmas, October 2014
How Many Have You Written: 25, but I've only seen 14 of them put into print so far...give me more time.  :)
What Do You Know Now That You Wish You’d Known Then: I wish I'd known about critique partners and Romance Writers of America so I could network and attend workshops to learn the craft of writing good commercial fiction.
What is Your Favorite Bible Story: Daniel in the Lion's Den.  I named my son Daniel, after his grandfather and the prophet in the Bible.  I wanted my son to have great examples of faith, standing up for what you believe in, and relying on God even at peril of persecution, to look up to all his life.
What is Your Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 9:56 - "For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them."
What is Your Favorite Hymn: I Need Thee Every Hour
What is an Ongoing Prayer Request You Have: That God will give me the courage, faith, and strength to face whatever trial comes into my life.


  1. Good morning, Leigh! Great to learn more about you. Being from Canada, I had to look up Paula Deen. I'm thinking my family would like it if cooking her recipes was my favorite thing to do, too. ;)

  2. Great to meet you, Leigh! Your ongoing prayer request is one we all need.

  3. How fun to get to know you better, Leigh!

    I, too, love roast beef and mashed potatoes! :)

  4. Leigh - What happened to the other 11 books? Are they stored under the bed, or in the lineup as future releases?

  5. Leigh, I love the top photo. It shouts confidence. I used to store books under my bed, but my shoes demanded more space.

  6. I can't wait to see you at RWA this year.

  7. I remember the Wolf and the Dove! Loved that book back in the day ;)

  8. I remember The Wolf and the Dove, as well! Great to learn more about you, Leigh. I am so impressed that your drink is caffeine-free! I have all I can do to keep it calorie free. I'd never make it without the lead. :)

  9. It's so nice to get acquainted with my fellow LI authors. What a nice interview, Leigh.

  10. Roast beef and homemade rolls... Mmmmm...

    So good to learn more about you, Leigh. :D

  11. I was a huge fan of Woodiwiss way back when. The Flame and the Flower is the one I remember the most.
    Great to learn more about you Leigh.

  12. Leigh, I enjoyed your interview and I just love that you write about Forest Rangers.

    Aren't Paula's recipes awesome? Love them, too!


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