Monday, June 9, 2014

It Started With Family

Hi everyone, Janet Lee Barton here.
Over the years I've found all my stories are about families or groups of friends who become family to each other. It's the same with my Boardinghouse Betrothal series for LIH. With Mrs. Heaton's guidance, her boarders become friends and family to each other.

My mother came from a large family. She was the oldest of seven children and the youngest of her siblings is only seven and a half years older than I am, born a year and a half before my older sister. The women in my family can all talk at once and keep track of all the conversations going on around us. I'm sure many of you can relate to that. It's something most women are good at.

So what a joy it was when my ninety-two year old aunt, her two daughters and their husbands, and one of their son's and his wife, came through on their way to a wedding to visit with us going and coming this past month. It reminded me once again why I love writing about families and friends. The closeness that is always there no matter how long we go between visits and the fun of it all. Sweet memories to share are such a blessing.

This is my sweet aunt on her great nephew's lap with five great nieces surrounding them--so  precious.

And we found that downsizing doesn't mean you can't have company. We had 24 over for supper on their last night, back through. All you have to do is let them help themselves, have an expanding dining table, a patio for the men to get away from all the noise of those conversations, and a living room to take the overflow!

What a blessing this family is to me! I love being able to  draw the closeness into my writing!
Look for the 3rd book in the Boardinghouse Betrothal series coming in September.
Elizabeth's story in: A Home for Her Heart


  1. Love the pictures Janet. Family is important to me, too.

  2. That gathering must have been wonderful, and your aunt looks great for 92! I love family get-togethers. Funny how the men and women eventually end up in separate groups.

  3. I loved the pictures, too. I've often dreamed of get togethers like that. LOL, my family isn't as big, but we try. Oh, and hubby's family ALL the men save one are plumbers, so we women leave the table because once the men get going, there's no stopping them.

  4. There's just nothing better than a house stuffed full of family! One of life's most precious blessings!

  5. Family photos are so fun and so are big family dinners. My husband only has one brother, but their extended family would have huge gatherings because they lived fairly close. I have 3 brothers, but we are spread across the country and rarely find a time when we can all get together. Now we live far away from extended family but are close to our younger daughter. You are fortunate to have family close by.

  6. I come from a large family too, there waa 9 of us and when aunts and uncles and cousins came for big get togethers it was a wonderful time. not many people have many children anymore and not much getting together so when I hear about someone that does it just warms my heart. thanks for sharing.
    looking forward to the next book Janet.
    Paula O

  7. What a great time, Janet!! I'm so glad you got to have your family visit. I miss seeing my extended family.

  8. Family is a treasure, Janet, and it looks like you're a rich woman.

  9. I love the pictures of your family!!

  10. How wonderful to be blessed with your large, loving family, Janet. I'm one of four. Our family gatherings could get pretty noisy. My husband's family with two sons was so quiet. It took me a few years to adjust to the sound of silence.

  11. Wonderful pictures. I see a family resemblance.

  12. I love big family gatherings. We enjoy huge family picnics every summer on both sides of the family with aunts and uncles down through so many generations, it's getting hard to keep everyone straight! It's so great when families make an effort to stay connected.

  13. Thank you all so much for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!

    Leann, I am a rich woman, having this wonderful family to love! :)

    Merrilee, they aren't all as close as I'd like them to be. This group came from Roswell, NM, my hometown. But I'm glad I'm in the middle of that part of my family and the ones who live in Arkansas! Makes for getting to see them more often now. :)

    Paula, you are right about families being smaller now. I think that's one reason I treasure it when we can all get together.

    Missy, when we lived down South, we didn't get to see them often enough, so I know how you must miss your family. Hope you can all get together one of these days!

    And Dana, this house was stuffed! :) But you are right--there's nothing better and it was such a blessing to have them!

  14. Sorry I'm 2 days late in commenting, Janet! But I have to tell you that I LOVE this post---what FUN having all those relatives in your home. :)
    I love my family too, and enjoy having gatherings here---the more, the merrier!
    I cannot wait to read your next book in this boardinghouse series--you're such a talented author.
    Hugs, Patti Jo


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