Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach Time by Christine Johnson

Having grown up half a block from the beach, nothing says “summer” like the beach. As a kid, my brother and sister and I ran down the gravel road barefoot so we could drop our towels on the sand and splash into the water. The last one in was chicken! We didn’t care if the water was cold. It was just plain fun. Here’s a photo of our childhood beach on Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan beach

These days, I’m much more particular about the water temperature, but I still love a beach. I enjoy walking the shore to collect stones or shells or “treasure” washed ashore. I once found an old key and wondered what it unlocked. Unusual stones end up in my growing collection. The ocean provides countless wonders to this freshwater gal, whether calm or stormy.

Fort Zachary Taylor beach
Beach at Fort Zachary Taylor on Key West

Hatteras beach
Beach near Cape Hatteras


But sometimes I just like to sit in the shade of an umbrella and read a good book. In my Key West-set book with Revell, Love’s Rescue, the shore symbolizes both her dream and all she has lost. Naturally she must go there.

Do you have a favorite beach? Is one on your wish list to visit? What’s your favorite thing to do at a beach?

Love's Rescue

Christine Johnson

Love’s Rescue (Revell – June 2015)
Love by Design (LIH – May 2015)


  1. I don't have a current favorite beach. These days, I'm more of a pool person. But I have a favorite childhood beach--Beaver Island State Park, near Niagara Falls, about which I have memories very similar to yours.

  2. Hi Jean! Oh, that park sounds lovely. Is it upriver or downriver from the falls? Or not on the river at all?

  3. Wow those beaches are fabulous I want to go to Florida. Here in Oregon the beachs are pretty but rocky and the water...brrrrr!

  4. Hi Terri, I've visited the Oregon coast once but didn't stick my toes in the water. They were beautiful, though, and yes, rocky.

  5. Sitting in the shade of an umbrella with my toes dug down in the sand and a book in my hand is my idea of a perfect time at the beach.

  6. I love the beach and I'm blessed to now live on a bay and we're about five miles from the Gulf. Big D and I walk on the beach a lot. We also love walking on the local pier, said to be the longest pier on the Gulf of Mexico. I have found that a good walk along the beach can cure just about anything. Nice post!

  7. Lenora, that is a blessing to live so close to the beach. Have you ever found anything unusual in your walks?


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