Thursday, June 25, 2015

Planting, Writing, and Proposal ideas.

I can't believe it's actually summertime! This spring flew by with much rain in Oklahoma and many of my plants look a little worse for it. But they are trying their best to make it. Except for these. The petunia and marigolds I wanted to plant disappeared in one afternoon. I'd put them out on the patio to water them and the next thing I knew--this little critter was having them for lunch! Ate all of them and let me take pictures too! So tiny and cute!


At least she didn't seem to like the Dahlia's,  Hydrangea or Clematis! 

But now the planting is done, it's time to get back to work on the next  Boardinghouse Betrothal story.
Oh and I did get a glimpse of the one coming out in November-The Mistletoe Kiss! I can't show it yet, but it is beautiful and Christmasy! I love it and I'll show it soon as I can.

Once I finish the story I'm working on now, it will be proposal time. Any suggestions for new careers for my heroines? What do you think you would have wanted to do in New York City in 1898-99? What about the hero? The book I'm writing now has a widowed Englishman needing help with his two young daughters. Can you guess which Heaton House lady is the heroine in this story?

I'm ready to get back to it! Happy Summer all!
Janet Lee Barton 


  1. Profession for a heroine in NYC in 1898...hmm, I have no idea. I want you to make her an archaeologist or a treasure hunter, but that probably won't work with your story or your timeframe. But wouldn't it be fun?

  2. LOL! It would be fun! But I'm not sure those would l work for these stories. However, I will mull it over. You just never know. :)

  3. Janet, your unwanted bunny visitor is absolutely adorable. I wouldn't of had the heart to stop him either.
    In the books set in New York, you have come up with some terrific occupations and storylines. One of those, the Tiffany worker, sticks in in the books set in New York, you have come up with some terrific occupations and storylines. One of those, the Tiffany worker, my mind as unique and original and interesting to read about. I have no doubt you'll come up with something awesome.

  4. Thanks Linda! I'd like to resist that too. I didn't get to fully develop that career as the heroine ended up going elsewhere. Thanks for reminding me about it!

  5. Hi Janet,
    I can't wait to see your new cover and read the book as well. I love all your stories. As for careers what about a politically-minded young lady who wants to be involved in the suffrage movement or in the political world? Or an athletic lady who wants to race horses or play baseball? I second Linda Goodnight's opinion that you'll come up with some grand ideas to match your previous ones.

  6. What a cute squirrel Janet~!! Love it!

    As for occupations, I'll have to think on that. LOL

  7. LOL, I had to go back and look. It's a rabbit, eh?

    I'm so bad with flowers that I don't need critters to kill them. It's merely my touch.

    I agree with Linda….

  8. That bunny is too cute. I'd let him eat my marigolds and petunias except they didn't live long enough for him to do so. Seriously. Black. Thumb.

  9. Brazen bunny!

    It is cute - so long as it's in your yard.

    Sadly, I live on the top 2 floors so I don't have a garden to work in.

  10. Thanks for dropping by all!

    LOL, yes Pamela it is a bunny. But if it were a squirrel, it'd be a very cute one, Rhonda! :)
    Mary and Deb, we have a small garden and this year has been so rainy and then hot that not everything is making it. But I don't think I'll be planting petunias or marigolds this year--they wouldn't have a chance!
    And Diane your ideas are great! My heroine in the book coming out in November is very interested in the suffrage movement.I hope you like it. That book has become one of my favorites. :)

  11. Oh, I love those photos!! So cute!!


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