Friday, June 12, 2015

What We Are Reading

Go ahead, take a look, and tell us where you are in your reading life...

Mary Curry/Cate Nolan
What I just finished reading - Donnell Ann Bell's Deadly Recall. Oh my goodness I loved this book. As I said in my Amazon review - I almost missed my subway stop a few times because I was lost in it. I love a book that makes me forget all about the author's craft and just lets me enjoy a great read.

What I'm reading now - can't say because it's for a contest, but I'm really enjoying it. :)

Next - I really want to read another Donnell Ann Bell, but it's report card time so I don't think I dare.

Pamela Tracy
What I just finished reading:  The Book of Life - by Deborah Harkness.  There were times this book was a five and times it was a three. I wish I'd read it (like I did the first two) instead of listening to it on audio. I eagerly awaited this and I wasn't disappointed. I love the plot, a quest. I loved (first two books) the romance. And, for once, I don't think the romance was diminished by the H and H getting married. They still had huge obstacles to overcome (the covenant). What hurt the romance, in the third book, for me, was I fell out of love with Matthew and in love with Gallowglass. It was halfway through the book. very unexpected. The back story of this book was superb. Surprise again, I enjoyed it more than the present-day story. I wanted a little more guilt from Matthew as to what his creation had done - he'd created Benjamin out of revenge and punishment and whoa.... the revenge and punishment that followed created by Benjamin was threefold.  My hat is off to Harkness. I think the more you're involved with a book the more passionate the review.  I was satisfied with who made the book of life; intrigued by what the book of life did when Diana finally got it complete. That said, I'd like a return of a softer Diana in the next book (please let it be Gallowglass; he deserves it). She's a mum now . 

What I am now readingIn My Dreams by Muriel Jensen.  I love, love, love the beginning of this book (I'm only on page 30).  This is a book that the male hero will carry.  I like that because as a writer, I'm always wanting to see strong heroes with a soft side.  Hard to think of Jack as soft, but he can be.  I'm looking forward to him finding his sisters.  That has to happen.

What I plan to read next: Missy's new one.

Leann Harris
A School for Unusual Girls, by Kathleen Baldwin.

Jean C. Gordon
What I just finished reading: Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story, Melissa McClone's first inspirational. I'd been looking forward since she announced she'd sold it and wasn't disappointed.
What I'm reading now:  One Night with the Cowboy by Eve Gaddy. Back to my cowboy binging.
What I plan to read next: You Must Remember This by Marilyn Pappano.  I was checking on Amazon to see when her next Tallgrass book will be out (not until the end of June -- loving that series) and saw this one for free.

Mindy Obenhaus
What I just finished reading:  How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck. This was another of Rachel's fabulous royal books.  I love how she weaves regular American people and royalty together, making something that once seemed impossible to us Americans a plausible dream.

What I'm reading now:  Heart of a Soldier by Belle Calhoune.

What I plan to read next:  Small-town Bachelor by Jill Kemerer

Deb Kastner
What I just finished reading: A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev.  A wonderful glimpse into Indian culture and a lovely romance with a hero to die for.

What I  am reading now:  A contest entry that I can't name but is wonderful.  I can't put it down.

What I will read next:  The Heir by Kiera Cass.  It's the fourth in a series of YA novels.  I "borrowed" the first three from my daughters and am looking forward to this one.

Janet Lee Barton
I believe the last book I read was Linda Goodnight’s Memory House. Loved this story on all levels!
I’m just now starting to read The Tiffany Girl by Deanne Gist.
After that, I’m not sure—I have many LIs and LIHs  that I’m looking forward to reading soon, too!

Dana Mentink
I am reading, The Best Yes by Lisa Terkehurst and it's really relevant since I'm trying to make some big decisions. 
Next up is Hiding in the Light which I am told is extremely powerful. As far as fiction goes, I've got a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so we'll see how that goes! 

Jessica Nelson
 I'm finishing up The Orphan Master by Jean Zimmerman. 
Next book on my list is Healing the Lawman's Heart and I'm also looking forward to reading Jill Kemerer's book as well as Keli Gwyn's. ;-)


  1. You all are reading some interesting books. I can't tell you what I'm reading because they are books I'm judging in a contest. So fun!

  2. So many wonderful books! I'm looking forward to reading Tiffany Girl, too.

  3. I love it when you authors tell what you're reading, me many ideas of what to read! I love to read Christian fiction; just finished Lisa Wingate's short E The Sandcastle Sister; currently reading Taken by Dee Henderson; and next want to read LI books by Ruth Logan Herne and Tina Radcliffe.

  4. Jackie,
    So glad you stopped by. I just finished the new one out by Ruth Logan Herne, and I've Tina's in the TBR pile.


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