Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grandmother memories

Hey Everyone,

It's Danica Favorite, and I am late posting today. So sorry! I'm visiting my parents for my grandmother's memorial service. She passed away last month, and the family decided that rather than have a funeral then, we would do a memorial service on her birthday, which was today. In all of our travel and events, I completely lost track of time.

One of the things that struck me at the memorial service was one of the things the pastor said about how no matter what happens to our bodies, our spirits remain. Even though Grandma is gone, she is with us in our memories. When we remember the things we love about her, special things we did with her, and the stories about her, we have her spirit with us. I'm probably not saying that as well as he did, but it reminded me that even in the midst of our loss, we still have so much.

Grandma and I had our own special traditions. I know most people think Martin Luther King day is in honor of him, but from now on, that's my day to remember Grandma. That was our day, and we always got together on that day to go shopping. The past couple of years, she'd been unable to keep our date because of health issues, but we always hoped we'd get to do it again.

Today I got to visit with family and friends- many people I haven't seen in a long time. My next book, The Lawman's Redemption, is a July release, and as I talked with everyone, I got to tell them about my book. It felt weird to tell people about my book at my grandma's memorial service, but when one of her friends pulled out all of her pictures and things out of her purse, it reminded me of how Grandma did the same thing. I have no doubt that if she'd been there, she would have been pulling out my book postcards, and sharing them along with family pictures.

So, I'm sharing my book, and my grandma, with all of you. Unfortunately, because I'm traveling, I don't have any pictures of her to share.

Did you know your grandmother? What is your favorite memory of her?


  1. Danica, what lovely memories to have of your grandmother. Thank you for sharing on this emotional day of remembrance. Yes, her spirit will always be with you.

    I was blessed to know both my grandmas and one great-grandmother. One grandma had a toy closet, an underneath the stairway closet that was filled with wonder and excitement. Most of the toys were very old, but their uniqueness made them extra special. She would play games with us for hours.

  2. Danica, I'm so glad you have special memories to treasure of times with your grandma. I was blessed to have many happy years with both of my grandmothers, but am sad that my children didn't have that privilege with my mom. So we've adopted a couple of extras who are truly a blessing.

  3. Yes, I knew most of my great grandparents too!

    alysap AT yahoo DOT com

  4. Christine, what a fun memory of your grandmother! The toy closet sounds awesome.

    Sandra, I love the idea of adopting extras. :)

    I'm so glad to hear that jcp smith!


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