Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happy Birthdays!!

Hi all, Rhonda Gibson here...

You might wonder what the Happy Birthday title is about. Don't worry, I'll tell you.

Today is my daughter Stacy's birthday! I get excited every year when it is her birthday. God gave me a girl and thankfully he didn't grant my wish as a teenager to have twins. Now that might sound bad but we were a struggling young couple when we had our children and we already had a little boy, when Stacy came along. Isn't she beautiful? I am very proud of her. Happy Birthday, Sweet Stacy!!!

I started writing The Texan's Twin Blessings right around Stacy's birthday. So Rose and Ruby share Stacy's birthday. Aren't they cute? Rose and Ruby's story came out this month, fitting for their birthday month, don't you think? These two little girls were so fun to write, that I had to put them in another book. I wasn't ready to give them up yet. They will be in A Convenient Christmas Bride coming in December. Happy Birthday, Rose & Ruby!!!!
Let's talk about twins. My dad was a twin, that explains my wanting twins as a teen... right? I've always been fascinated with twins but sadly didn't know many growing up.
So tell me,  do we have any twins visiting today? Do you know a set of twins? Do you have any in your family?
Come on, tell us all about it!!!


  1. I'm definitely curious here, as well, since right now I'm writing a book got it...twins. My hubby and I both had twins in our family trees but thankfully only had one baby at a time. I'm not that organized!

  2. Hi Deb,

    My kiddos are so close in age that it kind of seemed like we had twins. Looking forward to reading more about your twins. :)

  3. Hi Rhonda!
    Happy Birthday to your precious daughter!
    And I love those twin babies on your cover - - sooo cute.
    My daughters are 3 years apart, but because they both have red hair and resemble
    each other, lots of strangers used to ask if they were twins when I'd have them in the stores (when they were very young).
    Looking forward to reading your book.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  4. Rhonda, today is my daughters' birthday, too. My girls were born a year apart on the same day. I think they call that "Irish twins." After the second one was born, it was kind of like having twins. My cousin had twin boys, and I had friends in high school who were twins. I've always wondered what it would be like to be a twin. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  5. Those are cuties on the cover, Rhonda. I knew 3 sets of twins growing up. 2 sets of identical, 1 fraternal. I know quite a few more now, but we've never had any in my family tree. We had a sort of Irish twin. My son was born on his cousin's 1st birthday. :D

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughters, too, Merrillee!!!! How fun to have them share a birthday. My daughter had friends in high school that were twins. :)

  7. Beautiful girl who looks like her mom! :)

    Two of my nephews (brothers) have had twins. I've warned my kids to be prepared. :)


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