Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Enjoy a Birthday Season

Ever hear of a birthday season?

I hadn't until a friend of mine told me how she celebrates a birthday. She starts the fun a week before the actual day and continues for a few days afterward.

Since I've always thought a birthday came and went too quickly, I embraced my friend's idea. My birthday is July 17, but I began celebrating this past weekend.

Last week Jamba Juice sent an email offering me a free smoothie in honor of my birthday. They must believe in birthday seasons, too, because I could redeem the offer on any day in a two-week period.

Did I wait? Nope. I headed to Jamba this past Saturday and enjoyed a small peach perfection smoothie. Talk about a tasty way to start my birthday season. Yum!

And what do I have planned for the actual day? Red Robin offered me a free burger for my birthday, so I'll be chowing down on one.

The heroine of my debut Love Inspired Historical, Family of Her Dreams, makes birthdays special for the members of the hero's family. She bakes a chocolate cake for the birthday boy or girl. The child receives a gift from the hero as well.

Book Giveaway

Since birthdays and gifts go together,
I'm offering one person who comments a gift:
a copy of Family of Her Dreams,
which was released June 2015.

I'll choose a winner from those who
answer one of the questions below.

Be sure to leave an email address
so I can contact you if you win.

Use this format: name (at) provider (dot) com,
so the spambots don't grab it.

Deadline to enter is 9 p.m.
on my birthday: July 17, 2015.

What do you think of celebrating a birthday season?

If you were offered a free birthday smoothie,
what flavor would you choose?

What kind of birthday cake is your favorite?


  1. How fun! I'll have to remember this the next time my birthday rolls around. Congrats on the new book, Keli!

  2. Good morning, Keli,

    Happy Birthday season. :)

    This reminds me of my students. 4th graders (like most kids) are really big on birthday celebrations so I hear a lot of, "It's 15 days until my birthday"countdowns. Celebrating birthdays with them is always fun.

    Your peach perfection smoothie sounds delicious. I usually make my own and they are usually green. My current favorite is kale/grapefruit.

    I love ice cream cakes for my birthday though last year my daughter baked me an amazing vegan blueberry tart.


  3. Thanks, Christine! A birthday season makes the good times last longer. Carl is baking a batch of cinnamon chip birthday scones for me today even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow. He knows I enjoy spreading out the fun. =)

  4. Cate/Mary, I think there's a lot of the 4th grade girl I was still in me. We studied California history that year, and now I'm doing research on the Golden State all the time for my California-set Love Inspired Historicals. Like your students, I also count down to my birthday. Gwynly just smiles when I tell him how many days are left until the BIG day. =)

    Ice cream cakes are fun. We used to have Baskin Robbins make one for our daughter's birthday each year.

  5. Have a Happy Birthday season--Stone Cold Creamery has a birthday club online--you get free ice cream on your birthday. also gives 10% on your birthday if you sign up for members-only deals, I think. I have already read your book, so please don't include me in the drawing.

  6. Happy birthday season. My favorite cake is carrot cake.

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes, JCP, and for the tip about the birthday deals offered by Cold Stone and Harlequin.

  8. Thanks for sharing in my birthday joy, Merrillee. Carrot cake sounds so much healthier than chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, which is what I chose in the days when I still ate chocolate.

  9. Early Happy Birthday, Keli! I love the whole birthday season idea. My favorite birthday cake is my homemade black forest, and yes, I have to make my own. ;)

  10. Thanks for the birthday greetings, Sandra. A Black Forest cake would be mighty special--and tasty.

  11. Happy birthday! I always love to extend birthdays as well. And red velvet is my favorite!

  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Missy. I've heard red velvet cake is delicious.

  13. I popped over to to find out who the winner of my giveaway is. The number was 2. You left the second comment Mary/Cate, so that would be you. Congratulations! I'll send you an email.


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